Monday, June 18, 2007

NDP's Taliban Jack Better Leader than Liberal Stephane Dion: Poll

Above: "Taliban Jack" Layton, Leader of the communist New Democrat Party
Below: Stephane Dion, "Leader" of the corrupt mob known as the "Liberal Party"

Below: Stephane practicing his surrender technique, preparing to face evildoers

Story here. h/t: National Newswatch

This is some of the worst news the Liberals have ever had! A communist/Taliban-appeasing extremist is seen by Canadians as an opposition figure who's more capable of being a prime minister than their own leader!

The knives are out for Stephane Dion. No way will the Liberals now want him to stay leader. No way. They don't operate that way. If a Liberal leader isn't perceived as a potential winner, and particularly if Canadians see him as a born loser, then the Liberals will do whatever they can to kick the poor chap out of the saloon before he stinks up the whole joint and drives away even more of its customers.
Never forget... the Liberal Party is intolerant of losers, particularly within its own ranks. Oh, well, what does one expect? The Liberal Party is not a party of tolerance, as we well know!