Thursday, June 14, 2007

'Global Warming' Good for Canada: Yale Study

Well, then I'd say we're crazy to try to stop it, not that we can anyway.

I could sure use warmer winters. Hate the cold. Heating buildings up here in Canuckistan is getting bloody expensive, besides.

Oh, wait... I'm not trying to stop "global warming". I figure it's futile to try to beat Mother Nature at her game.

And, liberals: No, I'm not "myopic" (ok, I actually am, according to my ophthalmologist, though it's not an issue as long as I'm wearing my "corrective lenses"). I've actually heard of the UN's much vaunted, exalted, precious "IPCC". I've even tried to find anything in it that proves the claims that stem from it. But there's no proof- just speculation with various levels of "certainty" attached, like the proverbial "fine print" which liberals conveniently forget to mention!

Liberals are free to believe whatever bullshit they wish. But I do have a problem with this matter. Because liberals are hellbent on making everyone suffer for Al Gore's Big Lie as well as for other crazy bullshit nonsense.

Being forced to do what the liberals tell us is against our human rights, against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms!

Liberals: You better lay off! You're taking away peoples' rights with this Big Lie of Al "Chicken Little" Gore. How would you like it if someone took away your rights? Oh, I know- you always accuse us normal, regular, rational folks of "planning to take away your rights" and other such nonsense, so I have some idea!

Let us drive our Hummers! Let us drive our vintage Trans Ams, circa 1970, with the SD 455! Let us drive our Shelby Cobras and burn all the rubber we want! It's our human right to do this, so shut up, go home and do whatever bizarre, freakazoid sex stuff you guys obviously perform a lot! Just leave us alone to enjoy our human rights! Live & let live, remember???

Hmm... if "global warming" is good for Canada, then those trying to stop it are unCanadian!

Thank goodness Prime Minister Stephen Harper has never indicated that he believes it's possible for man to control the climate or global temperatures. Indeed, protecting the environment is on the agenda and a priority, but I'm glad PM Harper hasn't gone nuts like so many politicians have. Harper's taking the right approach, a balanced approach, a common-sense approach. (Liberals hate this! They hate common sense, so... They automatically, on cue, Pavlovian-style, reject everything Mr. Harper does as "worthless", while themselves offering nothing, no alternative plan, in lieu! In fact, the Liberals, while in power, did absolutely nothing, despite their having actually pretentiously ratified the dangerous "Kyoto Protocol". And their current "leader", Stephane Dion, self-proclaimed "Champion of the Environment", was in charge of the Environment portfolio then... and did diddly squat, or at least diddled while squatting, rather than actually doing his job as he claimed to have been doing... typical liberal, eh?)

Disclaimer: Of course, we must take the Yale study with a grain of salt. After all, it's founded on the dogmatic assumption that the world is getting hotter, which is something against which there's plenty of contradictory scientific evidence, in which we see temperatures going down, not up! I've blogged on this evidence before.

At least this was a fun post to write. I needed that, as work today was brutal and I needed to get my mind off of it!