Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Librano Hitman Paul Zed Throws Crap at Tories

Librano hitman Paul Zed brainlessly mugging for the camera

Moonbatty, limp-wristed rant here.

What a transparent, partisan drive-by shooting. Of course, he parrots the false line accusing the federal government of not honoring the accords signed with NS and NL. The accords have been honored. So sue the federal government, Paulie. You're a lawyer... so take 'em to court like a real man, rather than simply writing a de-facto blog post for the Liberal-favoring Globe & Mail.

The Honourable Member for Saint John claims, based on someone else's long-range forecast (long-range forecasting of this sort is to be taken with the entire shaker of salt by the reasonable person, but apparently Mr. Zed believes in it as if it were the Koran or the IPCC Report or, naturally, the Liberal "Red Book"):

While the new equalization formula will provide New Brunswick with a $68-million increase in revenue for the first two years, the province will receive, from 2009 through 2020, a stunning $1.1-billion less than it would have under the existing framework.

Ah, I see... the accusation of stiffing New Brunswick is based solely on an eleven-year forecast. Very impressive, Paulie Zee! Now you have something to present to the Court as "evidence" that the federal government is, as you accuse, stiffing New Brunswick! Go on, go ahead! Nah- he won't do it! He knows full well that his "evidence" won't even hold up in the court of public opinion! Hell, I don't even have to explain how the figure of $1.1 billion over eleven years is piss-poor, to say the very least!

Hey, Paulie, if your now-dead-forever Liberal regime had offered special sweetheart deals (which I recall it did, like giving all that cash to Bombardier) to Quebec, would you have complained? No. Because your own party was always bragging about their "flexible federalism" and "incremental change" and so on, as "proof that the Federation works". (Of course, ADSCAM shattered this illusion!)

Besides, your old mob boss, the Cretch himself, always mentioned that "There are problems... we work on them... all will be well... don't worry; be happy" or words to that effect (who understands the Cretch, anyway?). So what's your friggin' problem now? You offer the shakiest of foundations for your big, fat accusation.

Besides, you admit that NB will be better off immediately under the new equalization system, which I doubt you understand (who the hell does anyway?).

As for the rest: just more hypocritical, partisan bafflegab. The funniest accusation is about vote-buying, which your so-called "Liberals" made a science and raised to an art form!

Real impressive, Paul. Lucky for you, the local leftists will believe whatever you tell them, for that's how they're programmed.

The rest of your constituents, however, will not be fooled by more crap from a made member of the Librano mob.

And don't forget... all the skeletons in all the closets you now cannot access... are about to be exposed to the light of day! Especially the billions of tax dollars you guys squirreled away somehow in the mysterious, untouchable (until recently) "Foundations".

Not to mention the continuing, simultaneous, three-dozen-or-so criminal investigations into your party's actions while in office.

And when are you guys going to repay the $40 million to the taxpayers? Probably never, as you guys are essentially broke, in the red for many untold millions ($30 million or so, according to Liberal loyalist Sheila Copps) and can't come anywhere near the Conservatives in terms of fundraising, thanks to the vicious, merciless Chretien, who cleverly put Paulie M's feet into cement so that he could never win again!

What a mob the Liebrano$$$ are!

Can't believe they haven't been banned yet!