Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Chinese-Focussed Party in Canada 'Reluctant' to Address Human Rights

Wei Ping Chen: "Reluctant" to discuss human rights in China

Story here.
The Nation Alliance Party, launched only last week, says its focus is on the 350,000 people in B.C. who are of Chinese heritage.
Well, that in and of itself doesn't sound bad, does it? (Of course, if it only focussed on folks of, say, German or British heritage, the left would be up in arms, as would the MSM)...
The problem arises when one reads the following paragraph, which set off a revolving red light for me:
Chen was reluctant to outline the party's positions on gay marriage, abortion or human rights in China.
So where's the accusations of a "hidden agenda"? Does Mr. Chen's minority/immigrant status immunize him, via double-standard political correctness, against such charges, which would be automatic if any mainstream political party leader were to refuse to address a fundamental issue such as human rights?
He's Chinese. He's from China. Doesn't he care about human rights, including in China?
And if he doesn't unequivocally confirm his support for human rights in China and everywhere and unequivocally condemn the evilly barbaric Chinese Communist Party, publicly, in the mainstream media, including the Chinese-language media, then he's exposing himself to suspicion of possibly having a hidden agenda of opposing human rights.
He must also condemn, and demand an end to, the Chinese Communist Party's persecution and organ-harvesting of, amongst other CCP-disliked peoples, the Falun Gong. He must support the Falun Gong.
Mr. Chen can put these concerns to rest by doing precisely as I've demanded... and publicly, in English and Chinese!
What kind of party is the "Nation Alliance"? Could it be an imperialist organizational agent of infiltration and interference for the Chinese Communist Party?
Hey! If it's ok to say horrible things about Bush, the Republicans, Harper, the Conservatives, then any and all politicians and political parties, without exception and without discrimination, are fair game for such questioning as I've posed above!
Sorry, but this is a matter that concerns not only me, but millions of Chinese people as well, who care about human rights. Including in China.
And... those who hunt and expose Communists are investigating as we speak. Believe it or not.
I hope, for Mr. Chen's sake, that his failure to confirm absolute support for human rights, including in China, was a big brainfart and that he goes to the MSM to set the record straight in English and Chinese.
Otherwise, who knows?