Monday, June 04, 2007

Harper 3X More Popular Than Dion in Quebec

Oooh... poor, poor, pitiful Stephane Dion, the hapless, flipflopping Liberal leader is in dead last place in Quebec at a measly 12%.

Conservative PM Stephen Harper is, by a huge margin over every other leader, the most popular federal politician in Quebec, with 36%. Man-o-man... I remember vividly when folks like Mr. Harper, back in the days of Reform and the Canadian Alliance, were essentially written off as not having a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting the attention of Quebec voters, much less actually winning ten seats and even less of a chance of becoming the most popular in that province!

Spin that, all you arrogant, ivory-tower-dwelling MSM elitists and big, fat talking heads, Liberals, Bloc... that's right... go right on an' drop yer trou's, sit on 'er an' spin like tops! Spin, moonbats, spin! It's always funny when these guys get dizzy and fall down like drunks...

...according to a Leger poll.

Notwithstanding the wildly fluctuating national polling numbers for the parties, one need only think of this massive lead in popularity in vote-rich Quebec enjoyed by PM Harper to realize that it's extremely likely that the ruling Conservatives are poised to significantly increase their seat count from ten in a province which sends seventy-five seat-warmers to Ottawa.

The implications? Do the math... Quebec can make the difference between a minority and a majority. So ask yourself: who's doing the right stuff, Harper or the, um, other guys, whoever they are (I've forgotten already, particularly about the wimpy Liberal one, who's very rarely seen on TV, particularly whenever he'd actually have to speak English!)?

h/t: National Newswatch