Friday, June 22, 2007

NYC Official Challenges City's Anti-Christian Policy

Story here.

Hmm... I didn't know that New York City has a policy that allowed religious symbols to be displayed in public... but forbids the display of any Christian symbols.

Mayor Bloomberg, who for all the world looks as if he's definitely throwing his hat (and money) into the Republican Presidential Nomination campaign, must have been aware of this... but did nothing.

He'll have to answer for this!

In the past, New York City schools have allowed a Menorah, the Star and Crescent, and an evergreen tree to be displayed. However, officials have said a crèche, or nativity scene, is not allowed. Brian Rooney, an attorney with the Thomas More Law Center, says the case is a clear example of hostility toward religion -- and the Constitution, specifically the First Amendment, prohibits that, he asserts.

He contrasts that constitutionally guaranteed right with the stipulations outlined in the city policy. "It allows for other religious symbols, to include the Menorah and the Star and Crescent," the attorney explains. "It specifically disallows for a Christian symbol and only allows for a secular symbol, which does not signify Christmas at all."

The Christianity-hating-and-banning left clearly has been getting what it wants. Wholly unconstitutionally. America is in danger from the left.

Hey, if this is acceptable, then why don't we also ban the pink triangle and the rainbow flag while we're at it? Clearly these symbols are offensive to many, therefore they, too, must necessarily be banned! And the Crescent of Islam, too, has to go! And I'm surprised that the left didn't also ban the Star of David, considering how much the left hates Israel and the vile disdain they express towards Jews.

Rooney believes that the nativity scene is the proper image that signifies Christmas, as the birth of a historical, religious figure: Jesus Christ.

"And that's the symbol that we as Christians want to be represented by, and not [by] some evergreen tree. We're not celebrating the birth of an evergreen tree," he states. "It's time that bureaucrats in the Department of Education and the city realize that, and the will of the people is going to be shown."

It's also noted that the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear the case. Incredible! I just cannot believe this! It's simply surreal! And raises serious questions about the SCOTUS. They hear abortion cases, homosexuality cases and so on, but can't be bothered to uphold the Constitution and protect Christians' rights!

Something is very, very wrong. Clearly the state apparatus in the United States is controlled by the ultra-militant left, who clearly hate Christians.

The hatred of the left is very, very saddening.

But we will not submit... to anyone who wants to take away our rights!

We Christians will... fight... for our rights!

And we will win.