Thursday, June 10, 2010

Will You Watch A Fair-'N'-Balanced 24-Hour Canadian News Channel?

I sure will.


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bluepitbull said...

I know my dad in N. Van wont.

Jen said...

It is CBC CTV GLOBAL G/M T/S and others like them that drove the public to look for a better news reporting. Canadians are fed up with their(media) socialistic views on life and fake reporting and daily bashing.
Fierce competition is what these people need, to awake them to their errors pointed out by the 'new' media so when canadians view both sides of the story can make their own decision. So far only negatives has been forced down our throats.

Ignatieff didn't kill the LPOC it is the liberals themselves with the media's help that kill the 'BRAND' name. Layton knows that and so do we.