Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rex Murphy Discusses The Flotilla Of Hate

Rex Murphy discusses the situation in the Middle East, with those Hate Boats trying to break a legal blockade, while falsely claiming to be "bringing humanitarian aid" and nothing else.

Rex also advises us that Egypt is also enforcing the blockade.  So why is it only Israel who gets condemned for the blockade?  Why is the world not blasting Egypt, too?  Is it because Egypt is Muslim, not Jewish?  Clearly, there's an international mentality of pro-Islam and anti-Judaism at play here...

You see, logically, it IS true that bashing Israel IS a cover for hating and bashing JewsBecause of the double standard that sees Israel get bashed for the sort of stuff for which the Islamic and other nations don't get bashed at all.

Israel is discriminated against, singled out, profiled, etc... very obviously, logically only because Israel is Jewish, period. Therefore, to discriminate against Israel is to discriminate against all Jews, to be a de-facto neo-Nazi.  Consciously or not, deliberately or not.  Even while stupidly, delusionally, brainwashedly believing that one "means well".

Is this you?  

Are you guillible like the citizens of the Third Reich who were brainwashed in the Big Lie by the Ministry of Propaganda... into hating and supporting the extermination of Jews?

You know, those who bash Israel and bristle when they're branded anti-Semites for doing so, are often the very same people who brand as "homophobic", "anti-gay" and "hateful", those who merely oppose gay marriage.  Interesting, isn't it?  They'll change their standards just like that, without any feeling of irony, according to the particular identifiable group and issue in question.  So if being opposed to something pertaining to homosexuality means that one is "homophobic" and all that awful-sounding stuff, then surely the same people ought to be able to use the same logic (to be fair, right?) with respect to their own vicious opposition to Israel.  Of course, they'll automatically pretend (and even believe!) that their self-contradiction in terms of logic isn't real, and will just, perhaps, scream at us, calling us "raaaaacist!" or "sexist!" or "teabagger!" or "homophobe!" or "Islamophobe!" in a desperate attempt to pretend that doing so means that they're right and we're wrong and that we must now shut up and agree with everything they say...


Jen said...

How about this letter written to us by 2 ISRAELIS:

Thanks Canada, for standing with Israel

National Post · Friday, Jun. 4, 2010

Re: Harper Seen As Champion Of Israel, Jonathan Kay, May 31.

It would be poor form for those of us living in Israel not to take a moment of our time to express gratitude for the noble and correct positions taken by our many friends in Canada.

We are under siege here in Israel, short and simple. There are terrorist groups and countries whose official mandate is to "wipe Israel off the mapm" and Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are more motivated than even the Nazis were to annihilate every Jew.

We Israelis are lonely but not alone in this fight, one that ultimately will decide the fate of the free world. Israel with its six million Jews, superior military, moral integrity and commitment to democratic values will always fight for what is right, fair and just. Those who have similar values know this to be true.

Thank you Canada, for standing with Israel on the right side of truth and morality in the face of constant attack by the enemies of peace. And thanks to the National Post for having the guts to provide an honest perspective. Years from now, when our descendents ask: "Where were you when the 'terrorist axis' tried to take over the world and destroy our way of life?" you can answer: "We told the truth and stood with our friends in the state of Israel."

Robert Gasner, Karnei Shomron, Israel.

Response to the ISRAELIS " you are most welcome"

Canuckguy said...

"I know you enjoy the hatemongering, Balby..."- Sentinel at Blazing Cat Fur

Is that the statement that got you upset, Balbul? Just curious at what got you apparently so angry

Canadian Sentinel said...

Never mind about that... Balb was deleted for hostility.

I take no lessons from folks like Balb who wrongly accuse me and others of "hatemongering". If they're going to do it, I'm going to do it back to them.

If I'm a "hatemonger", then Balbulican is one, too. Period. He dug himself in willingly.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Balb is just mad because he can't break me, can't screw with my head.

He gets nasty now because he's afraid of me.

He has met a superior opponent. He cannot touch me. That's his own problem, for he steadfastly refuses to shake off his prejudices and accept evident reality as it is.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'll let the old kid play with himself.

This grownup has more important stuff to be doing.

Balbulican said...

Gutless to the core, eh?

The last bastion of the moral coward is censorship. And you're the most chickenshit coward I've seen online.

Balbulican said...

Game on, Stephen.

Balbulican said...

Whaddya think, Steve? Dawg thinks I should out you. What's your opinion?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, ask yourself this:

Who has soooooo much more to lose, should he start such a war? ;)

Is it worth it?

For a perfect nobody like me? Who has comparatively nothing, really?

As for Dawg, who cares what he thinks? He can express himself all he wants.

Your choice. To ruin yourself or not to ruin yourself, that is the option.

Frankly, I don't understand why you can't handle political combat without taking equal return fire personally and flying off the handle...

Perhaps it's a leftist-progressive thing?

Your choice will demonstrate the content of your character... One way or another. Over that, I have no control. YOU are in control, and cannot blame anyone but yourself, should you choose unwisely and ruin yourself. It would be a pity and a shame to see you throw all you've achieved for yourself... into the garbage, with one foolish choice.

Nevertheless, it's Monday morning, and I've got important stuff to deal with. Good luck with your choice.

Canadian Sentinel said...

One more thing.

Being an "adult" means making the correct choices. Making the wrong choices borne of steadfast refusal to use one's rational, logical brain is what makes one not-adult. And Leftist. Leftist is as Leftist does... ;)

Canadian Sentinel said...

"The last bastion of the moral coward is censorship."

--So Obama is a moral coward to censor his real birth certificate and all sorts of records, ie. college, etc... Thank you for confirming, as an Obamite, that Barack Hussein Obama is a moral coward...

Heh. Couldn't help myself. You did it to yourself. You keep doing it. Suggest you quit while you're ahead, before you screw yourself.

Balbulican said...

"Your choice. To ruin yourself or not to ruin yourself, that is the option."

Steve, did you ponder that when you published my name?

Did you ponder that when you published Jana's accusation of treason?

Did you ponder that when you accused me of antisemitism?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, you're going back there?

And that's rich, you getting mad at my saying that being inti-Israel is anti-Semitic, after you directly labelled me all kinds of anti-this-and-anti-that and such... And I didn't do anything other than boot your big bum off my site... And here you are, threatening to be disproportionate... Sheesh.

Rich, to put it in a nutshell.

So rich, dude... Incredible...

Typical Prog.

Hypocrite... YOU, dude. YOU.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Sheesh. Fofecksake.

Progs... ;)

Balbulican said...

You're off the hook, Scenty - our readers convinced me there was no point lowering myself to your level.

My favourite line from was Peter, one of our conservative commenters, who reminded me that ..

"...on reflection, this sort of has the feel of Superman brooding about whether he should out Daffy Duck."

Heh. You're safe, little Daffy. Fly away.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Excellent. Now I can stop sweating bullets and trembling in terror...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Progs, eh... ;)

Canuckguy said...

I sense bitterness in Superman.
Oh, the horror, the horror.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Methinkth Ballsbelickin ith a tad too eathy to pith off...

Poor guy... hath to dominate, manipulate and control otherth' pertheptionth to fit with hith preferred, comfy verthion of reality, tho when they don't thubmit, he wageth unholy jihad againtht them...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Anyway, that was another lesson in the nature of bullies.

The bully Balbulican tried to make me cower in terror, but failed. Honestly, I didn't worry at all all day. Come to think of it, what've I got to worry about? Nothing, really. I haven't written anything any worse than what the Progs write openly in the papers and magazines and on their blogs, or say on the telly or radio... One day I may well be ready to be more open... getting there... This blog is but a warmup, mere boot camp, and a fun one, too...

Oftentimes, when one demonstrates indifference to threats, the threatenor will get the message that such threats simply don't work. In the case of the bully Balby, he was at least smart enough to know to either shit or get off the pot. Since his character's diet lacks adequate moral and ethical fiber, he knows that he doesn't deserve a reward, so he got off and pulled up... Only to attempt again later.

Canadian Sentinel said...

That said, I stand by my contention that criticism of Israel is frequently a convenient shield for deep-rooted or at least received-prejudicial anti-Semitism. If the critics of Israel aren't anti-Semite, then their problem is that they don't want to accept reality and truth, and are too damn lazy to look at the evidence that will allow them to realize that Israel is an innocent victim, like the victims of the Holocaust, albeit a victim that fights back. The critics of Israel practice a double standard, such that they'll hold that evil regimes like China, Iran, Russia, etc., have a right to self-defence, whereas Israel doesn't.

Critics of Israel condemn Israel because they think that since they hear so many folks condemning Israel as a bully, an aggressor, an occupier, etc... that it must therefore be true.

They're prejudiced. Their prejudice is either rooted in Jew-hatred or in received opinion.

If Balbulican isn't an anti-Semite, then he's delusional and is re-writing reality to adhere to the Progressive Agenda. He uses linguistics, a la Noam Chomsky, to manipulate the lazy-minded into agreeing with him that things are so that simply aren't. The video evidence that completely exonerates the IDF commandoes of any hint of wrongdoing, well, that's just too inconvenient for Balbulican to accept, so he pretty much just ignores it, pretending it's irrelevant. Such pretending allows him to continue with the prejudice that Israel is bad, which couldn't be further from the truth. This is why I find Balbulican to be so pathetic, despite his great intellect. He has problems with ethics and morality, and ignores real-world, smoking-gun evidence when it's inconvenient to his religious-like worldview/agenda, is the thing. Coincidentally, this is the mentality of professional propagandists, not that Balby's necessarily one.

Reagan was right. Progressives aren't so much ignorant, as they much more "know" so much that isn't so.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Also... it's funny how "Progressives" believe the fake Pallywood videos (eg. Mohammed Al-Dura and the "dead" people falling off of the shoulders of their "pallbearers" and getting back up to continue with the charade), but when faced with REAL video evidence that proves that it's the "Palestinian" or pro-"Palestinian" side who's the bad guy, they don't want to accept the evidence, preferring to tell themselves that it's irrelevant...

Such is the mental disorder that makes a Leftist a Leftist.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I thank Balbulican for providing me this opportunity to further explain the nature of the Leftist mentality... He provides an excellent example in himself.

Balbulican said...

You're welcome, Steve McA.... of St. John.

Keep screwing around and lying about me and you'll see the rest, asshole.

Balbulican said...

Going to leave that one there, Steve, since you have nothing to fear?

Gutless AND a liar. What an unpleasant combination.

Canuckguy said...

Things are getting out of hand.
Too much anger, the repartee is not amusing anymore.

Canadian Sentinel said...

First of all, it's spelled "Saint John".

Um, I'm sorry, Mr. Balbulican, Sir, but I'm afraid I'm at a loss as to exactly what I wrote in this thread that would constitute a "lie".

Would you be so kind as to copy and paste the precise passages you believe to be "lies" and explain precisely how they're "lies"? Thanks very much! :)

Balbulican said...

With pleasure, Steve.

You published an accusation that I was a spy in the pay of Communist China. When apprised of the falsity of that claim, you refused to remove it.

That's for starters.

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Not having seen any of the original confrontational dialogue, and after adding a rare comment on Balbulican's site (thank you for your reply) I am left with an interesting notion. Being thought of as a spy is either very silly or very serious.
Readers, put yourself in that situation. Let's say I said you were a spy. That's just silly.... unless you are a spy... now that's serious.

So that's how it strikes me. I do not know what Balbulican does for a living; but I recall a discussion over socio economic status where he pretty much described his background and employment. No mention of foreign service, peace corps work, or security clearance stuff.
If that were the case I can see getting prickly. So it makes no sense to take it seriously. (or does it?)
It's also odd that if he is anti Israeli why did he blog about visiting there. I'm not a big fan of Cuba... and guess what...I'm not going there 'to visit' either.

It really is odd.

Balbulican called me a liar when I was right. He's calling C.S. a liar now. Hmmmmm

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, dear. The Chinese Commie Spy thing was already retracted and apologized for, and Balbulican forgave. And it wasn't mentioned again. Besides, it was never meant in any way other than in jest just to make fun.

Guess he's going back on his claim of forgiveness. No big surprise to me... he's a Prog, after all.

Nevertheless, it doesn't matter. He didn't prove I "lied" in this thread, after insinuating I did.

Seems that he just goes around calling people "liars", just like the Obamacrats call FOX News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck "liars", without demonstrating any lie.

The guy has simply lost it, is off his rocker, around the bend, lost his marbles, mind so open his brain fell out, etc... The polite stuff was just an act that people instinctively saw through, and now he's at a loss as to how to proceed, so here he is, getting all Obama-y and Pelosi-y... Saul Alinsky didn't prepare the Progs for such an inevitable eventuality... shame on Saul...

I think he's furious and frightened that I have explained exactly his strategy and tactics as a blog troll going around "politely" messing with conservative bloggers... Yup, that's gotta be it... I psychoanalyzed him right-on and it's driven him all unhinged moonbatty... I think I just demonstrated intellectual superiority, sort of like an F-22 over a MiG-21. In my experience, Progs simply cannot tolerate that, so they get all furious and bully-ish.

But I suppose I'm just "lying" again... whereas "lying" means to say stuff the Progs don't like.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Wonder if Balbulican has thought through what'd ensue if he were to divulge whatever information about me he believes he has?

There's a LOT more about him that could be divulged... and much of it's all online, his pictures, his businesses, etc., etc... I'm by no means anywhere near the public-figure status of the man behind the Balbulican mask.

Who has the most to lose?

What I have to lose, cannot be taken away from me. As a relatively modest-lifestyle, almost monastic person, my most prized assets are internal and intangible. His are material.