Friday, June 04, 2010

Was SwineFluScare Really A Moneymaking Scam?

A big hoax, a big lie, a massive con?

You know, rather like ClimateScam?  All those "experts" and "authorities" telling us to be afraid, very, very afraid, hand over our tax dollars, change our lives as they dictate and stuff?

Isn't it funny how it all went from major, widespread alarmism to... hey, whatever happened to Swime Flu?  Suddenly the Old Media just quit hollering at us about it.  WTF?!

Perhaps Big Pharma made all the money they figured they could, and all that surplus vaccine nobody showed up to get, it either went to the Third World or was just thrown in the garbage, much like our tax dollars.  What a waste.

Plus, after all, what's the big deal about a flu strain that doesn't even kill nearly as many per year as regular flu does?  Something doesn't add up.  Just like screaming about "global warming" and demanding trillions and trillions in tax and corporate dollars be blown on completely useless, scammy "carbon trading credits" when the actual evidence is that there's actually global cooling!
The WHO's response caused widespread, unnecessary fear and prompted countries around the world to waste millions of dollars, according to one report. At the same time, the Geneva-based arm of the United Nations relied on advice from experts with ties to drug makers in developing the guidelines it used to encourage countries to stockpile millions of doses of antiviral medications, according to the second report. 
 Doesn't crap like this just piss you the hell off?  Being told all that crap by these "experts", "authorities", failed Presidential candidates, deranged, arrogant, lying so-called "scientists" from an old CBC program, etc... telling us scary nonsense, blaming us for it and ordering us to change our lifestyles and empty our pockets.  All the while while they're profiting massively from the scam and refusing to answer questions when they're demonstrated to have been wrong...

We've been had, haven't we, on SwineFluScare and ClimateScam, right?  Logically, rationally...

Who can trust "experts" and "authorities" anymore?  Funny how we were told that we couldn't trust experts and authorities of the Bush Administration regarding Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, but we're told that so-called "scientists" from the corrupt, evil-led "United Nations" knows what they're talking about (it's already proven that they lied to us big-time) and that we better do as they tell us and empty out pockets?

We're being shaken down.  The recent recession brought unprecedented, propagated urgency that we needed to blow billions and trillions in borrowed money (borrowed, with the taxpayers legally on the hook for repayment, not the politicians who spent it!) for "stimulus" action to save our economies.  The wise amongst us knew it was pure BS, as we've weathered recessions and depressions before without the sort of spending in trillions of debt-financed dollars (mostly on porkbarreling and on temporarily hiring, for fraudulent "jobs created" optics, hundreds of thousands of census takers, many of whom turned out to be rather unscrupulous characters, to put it mildly) we see the Obamacrats doing to bankrupt America.

Unless We The People take action to stop the scammers, we'll continue to be scammed.  And the Old Media, which we KNOW is crooked and corrupt too, will be part of it all, the very vehicle for the scammers' propaganda messages.

Time to wake up.  At least those of us who aren't stupid and who actually care.

It's our money.  If we want to be "mean-spirited" and let the world disintegrate into a crisp or whatever by keeping our money in our wallets safe from the likes of Al Gore, David Suzuki, the UN, the Third World dictators, the Obamacrats, etc..., then so be it.  Let's be real gosh-darned  fecking mean and make the snake-oil hucksters feck off!

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