Saturday, June 12, 2010

This Article Is Viciously Biased, Manipulative

Toronto Star.

No surprise.  They link to a video released by the terrorist/Israel-hating-no-matter-what side that doesn't show what actually happened up top, with the phony "Peace Activists" instantly attempting to murder the IDF boarders who were actually unarmed.  The video is manipulative and designed to create imaginary scenarios as to what's going on up top, with the guillible led to believe that it was simply an invasive attack by the IDF right from the beginning, which those of us who've seen the real evidence know couldn't be further from the truth.

Reminiscent of Pallywood.  Goebbels.  Riefenstahl.  Red-eyed, monumentally insane Jew-hatred masquerading as Big Lies-based condemnation of Israel.

The beginning of this Toronto Star article is misleading... massively misleading!

New high-resolution video has emerged of the deadly attack by Israeli forces May 31 on the Mavi Marmara, the Turkish ship that bore the brunt of the attack in which 9 pro-Palestinian demonstrators were killed.

"Pro-Palestinian demostrators"???  They were hellbent neo-Nazi Savages, as we (and you should have, too, if you care at all) have seen via the widely-available video footage of what actually happened from the very instant the first unarmed IDF boarder touched down.  They were NOT mere "demonstrators"... they were illegal combatants, murderers, neo-Nazis, barbarians.  Again, if you haven't seen the proper-evidence videos, then you're living under a rock. Perhaps you deliberately avoided the truth, preferring to believe everything the pro-Pally side says about Israel?

The body of the article is also massively misleading, against Israel.

And only at the end is there any reference made to the truth.  Sooo manipulative.

See why we need a new, 24-hour, fair-and-balanced cable news network (must be mandatory on basic cable, no extra charge) in Canada?  To tell us the truth that the bigoted, anti-Semitic Toronto Star simply won't!

Want truth?

To see more authentic videos Go here:

On YouTube:

@New video@

Weapons Found on the Flotilla Ship Mavi Marmara

Close-Up Footage of "Citizens" Attacking IDF Soldiers

Humanitarian Action? Provocation!

"Peace Activists" Attack Israelis

Demonstrators Use Violence Against IDF

Slow Motion - "Human Rights" activists Attack like savages

Message to the turkish prime minister Erdo?an

IDF Transfers Humanitarian Aid From Gaza Flotilla to Gaza Strip

Israeli Navy Soldier Describes the Violent Mob Aboard Mavi Marmara

Scary! Flotilla Passengers Fire Live Ammunition at IDF Soldiers

Have you ever seen "peace activists" who beat to death soldiers with rifles color?? Is it called "Humanitarian Flotilla"??? This thing has a name, terrorism!!!! To see more authentic videos Go here: On YouTube: http...:// You can help to publish the truth! Share the following linkS wherever possible:


MikeAdamson said...

I've been reading the posts here for the last few weeks and my opinion of TCS keeps flip flopping between clever parody and genuinely deranged. Whatever the case, keep up the good work.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Well, everyone's got one... and sometimes they stink... :D

Glad you like the blog, for whatever your reasons... Cheerios...

Canadian Sentinel said...

Plus, I notice that your comment is off-topic. Or are you in agreement with the neo-Nazi savages who attacked the paintball-gun-only-armed IDF inspectors upon initial contact and tried to murder them just like that? Or are you in denial of observable reality, refusing to watch the videos of what actually happened, preferring to demonize Israel no matter what the truth is, because you hate all Jews and want Israel gone because she's a Jewish nation?

Hmm? Do you have a brain, and do you use it, or are you just a deranged bigot?

Nevertheless- titty for tatty, good buddy. Have a lovely weekend.

Peace and tolerance are good things, you see, brother...

MikeAdamson said...

See what I mean. Parody or derangement, I just can't tell. ;)

I think the flotilla was designed to provoke an Israeli reaction and it did. I think when you play with fire you run the risk of getting burned and the blockade busters were. I think the Israelis were unprepared for their reception on board and played the cards they held. I think the Israelis looked bad, which was the flotilla's objective after all, because circumstances forced them to use deadly force. I blame bad planning/execution on the Israeli part for the circumstances that evolved and thus Israel really has nobody to blame for its bad press than itself.

That's what I think.

glasnost said...

I would have been satisfied if the Israelis had just blown them out of the water. How's that for derangement?

Canadian Sentinel said...

That's better, Mike. But not enough.

Now, what say you about the beasts on the boat who attacked the IDF despite posing as "humanitarians" and "peace activists"?

What say you of the folks down below who seem to believe that the IDF just boarded and massacred the folks up top, immediately, when the opposite is the case? Think they're too eager to assume that the Israelis are the beasts, not the Islamic Shahids?

What say you of the Toronto Star article? Is my analysis of it somehow deranged? If so, then please do make the case... if you'd rather not, because you can't, and you've been caught being fullashit and rude to me, the blog host, then buh-bye. Make the case or PFO. Lovely weekend, buddy.

Canadian Sentinel said...

By the way, Mike, your own p.o.v. is far from unique. It's a common one amongst those who desperately want to find something they can use to bash Israel with, without being accused of being unfair.

Clever, but glaring is the all-important omission they, like you, make...

Of course, they, like yourself, fail to criticize the savages on the top of the Hate Boat, preferring to focus their criticism against Israel, as if it's all Israel's fault, and not that of the savages who actually started the war and brought their own deaths upon themselves, for openly-expressed prior desire to be Shahids. Funny, that, eh?

MikeAdamson said...

Am I surprised that some on board didn't try to Kumbaya the IDF away and used force instead? Nope. I suppose that those who believed the flotilla was manned by grandmothers and flower children are surprised while those who saw the ships manned by bloodthirsty cut throats aren't. Some of the people on board were obviously ready and willing to confront the IDF boarders but so what?

The derangement I'm talking about is best represented by phrases like "the Hate Boat"...there's a good example of the inability or unwillingness to see any situation in terms other than good/bad, black/white, good/evil etc. I believe my comments represent an objective and reasonably detached assessment of the incident, one that doesn't satisfy the needs of those who demonise the Israelis and/or the Palestinians.

I don't find your comments any more deranged than stuff posted at the Daily Kos or by CC as examples but, now that I confidently conclude that this is not a parody site, they're certainly deranged IMO. I'm sorry if that's rude or disrespectful but the truth usually outs in the end.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Thank you for your opinion, Mike.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Hmmmm... well, that's not where I look for the truth.

It looks to me that Mike's audience got their college degree in two weeks and have a willing source for free porn.

Hey that's just great stuff over there. Keep up the good work!

Wow, the sources of ad-hoc criticism never cease to amaze me.

It must be time for an anagram..or two...or three....

Mike Adamson

Maidens Amok
Naked Mimosa
Madame Oinks
One Kid's Mama
Sad Moan Mike


"The Love Boat" (popular 80's T.V. show)
"The Hate Boat" (Parody)


MikeAdamson said...

I like Naked Mimosa best and I assume that your P.S. Parody reference doesn't have any sinister meaning. ;)

TCS...thanks for letting me offer an opinion. I may not comment in the future but I'll still be reading you.

Canadian Sentinel said...

BTW, Mike, to put it in a nutshell, it's really basically a STYLE of writing/communicating. While I blog as "Canadian Sentinel", I pretty much become sort of a character who communicates in a certain way, such as you've seen. It's supposed to be funny, entertaining, provocative, enigmatic, ironic, sarcastic, all sorts of fun stuff. I write as I write 'cause it's more fun to write as I feel like writing than to write as I think I'm supposed to. If it wasn't fun, I probably wouldn't do it. If I were to write with a tightassed style, it'd only be because I'd be paid to do so.

Ken said...

Love the site...keep up the liberal bashing. They really need some wall to wall counseling.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, trust me, I will, Ken... ;)