Tuesday, June 22, 2010

NDP rallies the troops for a fall election - The Globe and Mail

NDP rallies the troops for a fall election - The Globe and Mail

Just look at the graphics they're using.

If Sarah Palin had used similar (verbal) imagery, she'd be accused by the Obamacracy Propagandists of "inciting violence". Oh, wait, she was thusly accused!

Ok, then, those who believed the accusations... now they'll have to agree that the NDP would appear to be inciting violence...

Yup. I can play the Hard-Left's propaganda game, too... and I'll use their own propaganda weapons against them...


Jen said...

The NDP planned election is a 'take off' for the coalition also this election has nothing to do for the 'love' of this country nor for the concern for the 'little guy' since the NDP had not voted on bills which the prime minister brought forward for them.

The NDP election is strictly to 'help' Obama.
Obama has put a ban on deep sea drilling, the NDP wants to do the same. Obama wants cap and trade-so does the NDP, Obama is a 'protectionist-so is NDP; Obama feels certain radical groups are essential to his campaign- so too for the NDP; Obama doesn't really give two beans about ISRAEL-neither does the NDP; Obama, NDP, Bloc are socialists, communists.

Once there is a north american lead government aided by those two or three leaders. the people will suffer greatly-the msm are bought already so they are useless to us.

glasnost said...

Ha ha... lawn darts; how very NDP.

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Hey C.S.
Can we have that whole target / literal liberal perspective discussion over again?

If I recall correctly: When the conservative party uses targets that means assassinations and nuclear holocausts. But when a liberal uses them it is a figurative depiction or metaphor.

Did I apply the double standard rule correctly here or is this a depiction of the nuking of Canada?

Dumb-assed liberals