Thursday, June 10, 2010

Muslims Chuck Eggs At Singer For Being Named 'Medina'

Religion of Peace in action!

How hateful, NOT "peaceful".  What are those "youths" being taught in the Mosques, by their parents, by their Muslim peers?  Surely it's not "tolerance"?

If it was a bunch of baldheaded youths in black clothes and Doc Marten boots throwing eggs at a flamboyantly gay black singer, you can be damned certain there'd be hate crimes charges against those skinheads.  But if you're a Muslim skinhead, you're off the hook, because YOU'RE allowed to be hateful and intolerant... and to throw eggs at filthy Kufrs who have names you don't like...

Interesting that this didn't make "The News".  "The News" doesn't want to offend Muslims, even by simply telling the truth.  Or is that especially by simply telling the truth?

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