Sunday, June 27, 2010

Despite the mayhem, yesterday’s G20 Protest a big flop

Despite the mayhem, today’s yesterday’s G20 Protest a big flop

Now, HERE is excellent, detailed coverage of the so-called "protestors", inconvenient-truth coverage you'll NEVER get via the Old Media, who seem to delight in the violence, the hatred, etc...

WHO ARE THE SO-CALLED "PROTESTORS"? Really a rogues' gallery of various brainless imbeciles, actually. They are NOT regular folks. They are NOT you and me or anyone like us. They do NOT know what they're talking about.

Photo:  A typical "protestor" at the "protest".
It's called a "douchebag".  That's what those dummy-poopheads are.
They're not to be paid any attention, for they never have a valid, substantiated point.  
Yet the Old Media loves to cover their poopheadery and douchebaggery.

They're called "Useful Idiots". They're socially destructive, don't believe in law and order and public safety, don't respect the rights of others, while demanding totally new ones for themselves. They're the ULTIMATE DOUCHEBAGS.

Hmm. You know, this Canada Free Press report, it's a lot like Andrew Breitbart's BIG sites. Perhaps there should be some integration of some sort, as there is between the CFP and other American sites...

Oh, and I just thought of a new term for these hard-left-wing extremist "protestors" (terrorists):






Hardcore moonbattery:  Union-supremacist stormtroopers with BASEBALL BATS bludgeon non-unionized workers.

Union violence is often talked about anecdotally but seldom addressed.  Even though one 25-year study found nearly 9,000 reported incidents of union violence, union-controlled Democrats often try to sweep it under the rug and, when they can’t, they’ll feign shock while seeming to relish it when it happens.

On Wednesday, in Upper Merion, PA (outside of Philadelphia) another act of union brutality took place when several (presumably) union thugs used baseball bats to beat some construction workers who, in the union’s eyes, were guilty of being non-union.
"Guilty of being non-union".  Kind of like guilty of being non-Democrats (or non-Liberals/NDPers or just plain non-"progressive"/politically correct).  Or guilty of being Black.  Or guilty of being gay.  Or guilty of being Jewish.  What's next?  It begins with "guilty of not being union", so who's next for a bashing?
This sounds a lot like Nazi Germany and Russia during the Bolshevist Revolution.  Hard-leftwing socialist extremists increasingly using violent intimidation to get their way, wholly intolerant of the rights of others who were different.
So, here we have workers who were were doing nothing more than going to work to earn a paycheck to feed their families.  Their “crime?”  They didn’t belong to the gang union.   As they were confronted by the union thugs, they left and called police.  While they were awaiting the police, they were followed and beaten.

As stated above, this latest incident of union violence is hardly isolated.  During the Teamster strike against Overnite Transportation (1999-2002), there were hundreds of reports of violence (including a reported 55 shootings),  In fact, the Teamsters, in order to settle the charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board were required to post this four-page notice at their union halls stating that they would not engage in the violent acts described, which included:  (...)
Very, very clearly we see a shocking, frightening pattern of Hard-Left-wing violent extremism, especially where socialist labor unions are concerned.

Perhaps we need to ban unions?  Let's start discussing this openly and without fear.  The unions need to realize that The People are aware of the threats posed by unionists to non-unionized workers and others disliked by unionists.

Of course, not all union members are like that.  But they're given a bad name by association, and this is bad.  They're caught between a rock and a hard place, and their rights are being trampled by the union.  Therefore, another reason to ban unions.  They violate peoples', including union workers', rights.

 You know, the Left and Big Media (and the Obamacrats, certainly) keep screaming about "violent right-wing extremists, racists, homophobes, Islamophobes, neo-Nazis, Skinheads", all that crap.  Well, guess what?  They're offering NO EVIDENCE of this mythical, unseen, unreportable "right-wing violence".



UPDATE:  How about that... someone in the CBC decided they'd better do a decent report on the violent leftists, else they'd only help make the case for their abolition as an unnecessary drain on our paychecks and pensions and whatnot.

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