Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Kinsella Signs Affidavit That Libs, NDP In Merger Talks

 Warren Kinsella:  The Grim Reaper of the Liberal Party?
Is he pointing his finger at the Liberals?

...In contradiction to denials by leaders...

Sworn:  NDP "would renounce socialism"???

Yeah, right.  Suuuuure.  That's a whole pile of hard-left B.S.  The Progs, they lie, after all...  Just like Obama, remember?  He said he's "moderate", but he's the most extreme-leftwing President ever, and there's no denying it.  No doubt the Canadian Left will lie to steal power to do to Canada what the Obamacrat Reich is doing to America.

Headlines should read:  "Is the Liberal Party of Canada Almost Dead?"

UPDATE:  Party Prez Apps Sez Kinsella Lying


∞ ≠ ø said...

A socialist renouncing socialism?
Never seen that before.
Never been done before.
What kind of person would do such a thing anyway?
I can't imagine.

Insert Jeopardy theme song here.

Canadian Sentinel said...

They've been saying they're "not Communists" and that they "don't believe in Communism". But it's a lie; "progressivism" is actually a euphemism for neo-Communism, ie. Communism evolving according to trial and error, but still totalitarian and nasty as hell and evil, a tool of the Devil. Those who self-label as "progressive" are really neo-Communists. The Communists admit as much, if asked.

Jen said...

Renounce socialism? are you kidding not a chance,however, they might work quietly behind the scenes developing 'culture of words' that may not look or sound too communistic or socialistic.
Let's not forget the Bloc, they are part of this coalition as well.