Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Liberal MP Smelled Boozy, Tried Cheating On Breath Test: Cops

Yup.  Pablo "Mr. Hair" Rodriguez, seen in two different pictures above, is back in the news, and the police are telling their side of the story.

And he even suggested that the office was picking on him just 'cause he was a Liberal.

Hoo-boy.  What, is "Liberal" the new "Muslim"?

He'd have had better effect if he played the race card instead.  Like, "Hey, are you profiling me 'cause I'm Hispanic?".

Damn... next thing you know, Liberals will call those who oppose Liberalism "racists"...

Sounds to me like Pablo Rodriguez is a drunken fool.  Like the average Liberal.

Always trying to weasel their way out of trouble and accountability for their transgressions.


Jen said...

Pablo's problems is in safe hands-the media.

Mac Callum drank and made a fool of himself before bording a plane in NB. this too is kept safe from the public.

Look at Judy Sygro, what she did also is kept safe from the public.

The lists continues nevertheless you CS, would sooner be hammered by the media than the liberal party of canada ever will.
Even the NDP and the Bloc can do whatever the liberals do and it is safe with the media.

The liberals don't have to worry on anything all they have to do when comfronted with a problem all they have to do is place a phone call to the corrupt media and tell them to divert the 'problem'(not to say a word.)

glasnost said...

"Rodriguez told me several times that we were going to damage his career that he had taken 30 years to build," the officer reported.

Must have started young, since he's only 42.
My prediction, he'll be convicted but such a "minor offence" won't matter to the Liberals (so long as the offender is a Liberal).