Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Not Just The Leader: Another Reason

"See?  It's not ALL me that's effing everything up!"

Story here.

ht: Bourque
Yet the federal Liberals act as if they believe any day now voters will realize the blunder they made by booting them out of power in 2006, and instantly correct it. Good luck with that theory.

A better route would be to develop some policies and to be loyal to their leader, for a change.

The way it looks now is if Ignatieff can’t run his own party, how can he run the country?
At least Harper is able to run his party.  And, apparently, the country.  So who should be PM, then?

Perhaps Liberals should work to make their leader a leader, rather than complaining about him.  But, given the impatience of Liberals, I don't see this happening.  They're more likely to keep picking up and dropping hot potatoes...

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