Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Israelis To Have Own Peace Flotilla To Intercept The Hate Boats

400 yacht owners interested in being part of the REAL Peace Flotilla
Israel's National Student Union is planning a flotilla with hundreds of yachts from Israel to meet at sea any new humanitarian aid flotillas heading toward the Gaza Strip.

According to Boaz Toporovsky, the union's chairman, 400 yacht owners have expressed interest in the initiative, which is expected to start up in two weeks.

"Our wish is to talk with the members of the flotilla, to see if they want to talk to us, and to ask them why the problems of Israel, in Gaza and Palestine, are disturbing them," Toporovsky told Haaretz last night.

"We would ask why they are not talking about the Kurdish minority or the Armenians that were murdered or many other problems? We want to expose the truth, this hypocrisy and the absurdity."

Something tells me that now the FAKE "peace" flotilla will cancel itself so as to avoid having to answer the inconveient questions... and to have to talk to those... Jooooooz.

Interesting to see everything unfold now.  Will the Big Media cover the Israeli peace flotilla?  If the FAKE "peace" flotilla cancels itself abruptly, will the Big Media just abruptly cancel its coverage altogether, too? Hmm...

The terrorists and Jew-haters weren't counting on this, were they?  What do they do now?

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