Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama Puppetmaster Soros To Profit From Oil Disaster?

That'd just continue a pattern of manmade disaster profiteering for George Soros.  You know, the guy who got his start collaborating with the Nazis during the Holocaust.  Oh, yes.  He proudly admits it and is unrepentant.  So is anything beyond him?

Story here.
Interestingly, it seems the more trouble we have, the better it is for Soros. Last year, Soros noted he was “having a very good crisis” having bet against the United States and profiting from her economic downturn.

Now we learn Soros is set to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Gulf oil catastrophe. With Obama’s ‘moratorium’ and the Obama Admin’s general hostility to drilling, it’s reported many oil companies have already looked into with Brazil regarding a move those shores. And what is Soros principally invested in right now? Petrobras, the Brazilian state oil company.
 And Soros's money finances all sorts of Far-Left groups that help Obama and the democrats in so many ways...

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