Monday, September 13, 2010

The TRUTH About Israel/Palestine: Actual News Article, 1967

What actually happened.

You won't get this truth from TIME magazine again today, nor from anyone else in the Liberal Media.  This is an archived article from the June 9, 1967 issue, when the news was reported as it actually happened, and wasn't rewritten... yet.

And I've taken screenshots just in case.

It's time to stop the lying about Israel!

Israel did NOT "steal" any Arab land.  This article tells what actually happened.

History has been rewritten.  But I've recovered it.


Jen said...

ALso, do you not know what Nixon did for Israel within 24hrs when he got a call in his private bedroom because Kissinger refuse to do so when PM GOLDA first call?

I learned this on John Hagee ministry yesterday.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Didn't know that...