Saturday, September 04, 2010

Radical Islam is world's greatest threat - Tony Blair

 Tony Blair:  Speaking the truth which must be spoken.
Just like his predecessor, Winston Churchill.

Radical Islam is world's greatest threat - Tony Blair

Properly reframing the issue:

Asked about the argument that Chechens, Kashmiris, Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans were resisting foreign occupation, he said Western polices were designed to confront radical Islamists because they were "regressive, wicked and backward-looking".


Mr Blair told the BBC his view of foreign policy had changed as a result of the 9/11 attacks:  "After 11 September, rightly or wrongly, I felt the calculus of risk had changed.

"There is the most enormous threat from the combination of this radical extreme movement and the fact that, if they could, they would use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

"You can't take a risk with that happening."

Mr. Blair is just being realistic, like Mr. Churchill was, vis-a-vis the Nazis.


Jen said...

I don't think that people would believe what Blair said until it actually happens to them.

just as when churchill warned about chamberline friendship with Hitler and look what that friendship caused.

Canadian Sentinel said...

They see it happening all the time, and still don't believe it.

Not close enough to them, yet...

Ever notice how people don't care about the security of their homes... until they've been broken into? THEN do they bother with security systems, bars on the windows, etc.


And then there's the Free World's "friendship" with the Chinese Communist regime...

Durotrigan said...

I think that Blair has only semi-awakened to the Islamic threat, hence his use of the term ‘radical Islam’ instead of the factually correct ‘applied Islam’ or ‘doctrinaire Islam’. His policies helped to fuel the Islamisation of the UK and gag critics of this process. He has failed to come to grips with the ideological essence of Islam, and thus is unable to recommend the domestic policies which are required to successfully tackle Islamic terror: