Thursday, September 09, 2010

Conan the Dictator

  The "King".
Well, he's never really been that big on law, ethics, morality...

Schwarzenegger ignores state responsibility to defend Prop 8

Brown and Schwarzenegger consistently have refused to defend the law because they hold personal disagreements with Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot initiative that amended the California constitution to define marriage.

"The California constitution has no 'if you like it' provision," Pacific Justice Institute president Brad Dacus told WND. "We have filed a writ asking the state Supreme Court to order the attorney general and governor to fulfill their job requirements pursuant to the state constitution, which specifically requires the attorney general to defend the laws of California. State statute uses the word 'shall,' not 'may.'" 


"The bans on incestuous and polygamous marriages are ancient and deeprooted, and, as the majority suggests, they are supported by strong considerations of social policy," Baxter warned in his dissent. "Our society abhors such relationships, and the notion that our laws could not forever prohibit them seems preposterous. Yet here, the majority overturns, in abrupt fashion, an initiative statute confirming the equally deeprooted assumption that marriage is a union of partners of the opposite sex. The majority does so by relying on its own assessment of contemporary community values, and by inserting in our Constitution an expanded definition of the right to marry that contravenes express statutory law.

"Who can say that, in 10, 15 or 20 years, an activist court might not rely on the majority's analysis to conclude, on the basis of a perceived evolution in community values, that the laws prohibiting polygamous and incestuous marriages were no longer constitutionally justified?" Baxter wrote. That state court decision was overturned by voters a few months later. 

We know that's how it works.

Already, we see, in Canada, after SSM's legalization by the Liberals without democratic legitimacy, a legal push by polygamists to strike down the anti-polygamy laws as "unconstitutional".  No doubt they'll get an activist, far-left judge, too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Soooo NOT my idol now.  I'm better than that now.

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