Thursday, September 30, 2010

Interrogation At Catanamo Bay Bad Kitty Detention & Correction Facility


That's my LOLcat for the evening...


∞ ≠ ø said...

Scenes from “A Tail of Two Kitties” :
... One of the most harrowing is told by a Chechen Blue,
Moments after he was dragged into the October prison in March 2000, a sack over his head, he felt the blows of rifle butts smashing down on to his body that would become part of a grim daily routine for the next three months.
He vividly recalled a mock execution ordered by one of his chief tormentors, a Tabby he identified as Morris who would frequently make him eat his own excrement.
"There was blood everywhere," he recalled. "On the floor, on the walls. I could see brain tissue on the ceiling. Under my paw I saw a severed ...
... Soon after, Morris entered the cell with a colleague called Alexander. "Alexander knocked me off my paws and then stepped on my leg. He took a large souvenir dagger from his vest, pinched my left ear and cut it off."
Barely conscious, he watched as Alexander cut off the ears of other inmates and killed at least one of them. The next day Alexander returned wearing a necklace of severed feline ears.

... Morris said he thought of his opponents not as fellow cats but as cockroaches to be squashed. He was unapologetic about acts of cruelty but said he did not condone excessive boasting among his cats.
“I had a problem with one of my colleagues, who liked to collect ears which had been chopped off prisoners. He’d made a necklace and was very serious about taking this home. I did not like that kind of behavior.”
“We used several methods. We’d shred them to a pulp with our claws. One very effective method is ‘the grand piano’ - when one by one we’d smash the captive’s paws with a hammer. It’s dirty and difficult work. You would not be feline if you enjoyed it but it was the only way to get this filth to talk.
Militant cats would be forced to perform sexual acts on each other. The scenes would occasionally be filmed and circulated among enemy cats in feline logic warfare.
Morris added: “What mattered most was not to leave fur which could be traced back to us. Our bosses knew about such methods but there was a clear understanding that we should cover our paw prints. We knew we'd be put out of the kitchen if we got caught.
“You have to be a certain kind of cat to do this job - very strong,” Morris said. “Those who carried it out always volunteered. It would not be right to order one of your cats to torture another. It can be morally and psychologically very tough. I have no regrets. My conscience is clear.”

Canadian Sentinel said...

Funny, I didn't see that stuff in Garfield's "A Tale of Two Kitties". Guess it was deemed too harsh for the little folks and edited out...

Good movie, though. Garfield at his best.

∞ ≠ ø said...

It figures... title and pun used before.

The interview excerpts were from a Chechen captive and from a Russian veteran torture expert. Interestingly both interviews covered the severed ear events...and, perhaps, the Chechen was in this guy's prison.

So I threw them together and added cat stuff for three reasons.

1. To demonstrate the stark contrast between Guantanamo Bay and a real "torture chamber."

2. To suggest that the similarities, with emphasis on humiliation tactics (forced sex acts, nudity, leashes with women masters) are in fact despicable.

3. Using cats as the characters with real testimony demonstrates the absurdity of it all.

Here are the articles.

Here's where I stand:
Suppose we catch a guy who we know delivered a high tech part for a bomb. We don't know where the bomb is, who's making it or if it even works. We just know bomb parts that are not military.

I'm drilling teeth. I'm not smearing poo or playing with privates. I'm drilling teeth.

The truth is that Gitmo demonstrates a lack of seriousness. Water boarding is a game for the squeamish.

"Missing link? There is no missing link. We're apes. Get over it."
Lewis Leakey

... or cats for that matter.
Waterbowling. I thought it was very funny.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Yup. Kitty waterbowling is a commentary on how absurdly hysterical the Left gets over ANY interrogation tactic used by the Free World against extraordinarily lethal enemies.

Our tactics are akin to noogies, arm twisting, humiliating and head-in-toilet dunking. Hell, how about stuffing the enemy into a locker?

It's absurd to label Free World discomfort imposition for interrogation as "torture".

What do Leftists know about torture anyway? As far as I'm concerned, those Leftists who will willingly, angrily, arrogantly self-righteously whip their kids' asses with wooden spoons or belts would deem the practice, if applied to Al Qaeda/Taliban captives, "torture". Of course, being extreme hypocrites, Leftists definitely WOULD so deem!

It's ridiculous. Hence the idea for the caption for that LOLcat...

Oh, and, hey, if it doesn't "violate childrens' civil rights" to spank them, then why the hell does the Left say it does so violate, if, say, serial murderers are to be spanked? It's insane, this double standard!

saratoga said...

a sale of two titties?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Sale? Titties? That's a new one. Sounds like the Oldest Profession...

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