Monday, September 20, 2010


We knew there was something wrong with an all-American entity "Avaaz" (connected to the George Soros-funded "" propaganda pitbull entity) lobbying to nix a planned Canadian news channel.

Also, Kathy Shaidle, over at NewsReal, tells us about the eight most despicable things George Soros has done.  Old Georgie ain't going to like it.  Yes, it brings up THE most despicable thing he most doesn't want people to know, even though he openly admitted to doing it... on 60 Minutes.  Never mind SUN News's retraction of Ezra's column.  The truth is undeniable.

By the way, LIBERAL LEADER MICHAEL IGNATIEFF wrote an article on a Soros-funded website.

Ignatieff can be seen pictured with George Soros here and here.  Oh, my!  No doubt people will be asking questions!

The media must ask Michael Ignatieff about his connection to Mr. Soros.

Mr. Ignatieff has some explaining to do.

Is he somehow connected to the all-American, anti-SUN-News campaign?  After all, SUN News is felt by Liberals to be a threat to the Liberal Media's TV news propaganda monopoly in Canada...


Joanne BLY said...

Good digging!

I think we need more journalists trying to look into this. Libin did a great job today but we need more.

Too bad CBC doesn't see it as newsworthy.

Canadian Sentinel said...

That's why we need SUN TV News.

And why the Liberals don't want it to happen.

Why does George Soros care, anyway? He's an American. Hmm... maybe he owes Uncle Mao Strong a favor??? Who knows? Ah, but if Uncle Mao wanted, he could do it right here at home. Weird that Soros is so uptight about OUR affairs.

What's the connection between Soros and the Liberals? Hmm... Something smells like... sulfur...

Canadian Sentinel said...

BTW, there's no malware on this site. I never put anything bad on it. Perhaps the browser that warned you was mistaking something harmless for malware. Stuff like that happens.

The site is clean.

glacierman said...

Mo-Sae Strong doesn't want to be directly associated with the liberalization and dismantling of the Western world. He is very shrewd to use the useful idiot George Soros' money and time to accomplish the will of the UN and Illuminati overlords whom he calls friends.

Soros has no problem in doing the dirty work, he gets paid by the banksta's as long as he follows the script. The leftards are becoming so bold that aren't even covering their tracks anymore.

Just wondering when he will overplay his hand and some really good and descent citizens confront him with the truth of what he is doing and he finally gets his conscience touched and sees the light?

Anonymous said...

What were they at ... a conference on Human Sciences? What's that? Are they seeking ways on how to become human? Too late.

Good find. Saving them in my file too.