Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lawrence Martin Shows His Venomous Fangs

His article here.

Lawrence Martin's left-wing ideological bias isn't very well hidden here. He, for one thing, uses the slur "tea baggers".

The PM runs one of the most top-down governments in history, which is hardly in the spirit of the tea baggers.

Oops. Guess he forgot to hide his venomous fangs!  Funny how Martin doesn't want to talk about what an arrogant dictator Obama is, compared to Harper...

Besides, it's ludicrous to imply that Mr. Harper isn't intellectual.  Hell, elitist journos like Martin have made fun of him for being more intellectual than the Liberals, chiding him for his "woodenness" and lack of charisma and such.  Suddenly the elite journalists are all pro-"intellectualism", so they can call The People a bunch of daft rubes for opposing the "intellectual" Left.

It's also ludicrous to imply that Obama is. Obama's only a pseudo-intellectual... because his "intellectualism" is based on ideology, not reality.

Real intellectuals use their brains to analyze and understand reality, not fantasy.

Obama's worldview, to me, reads like a comic book.

And the People don't want a comic book President- that's what they're saying.

Lawrence Martin is, I believe, a little old to be believing in comic book characters.

Gotta marvel at his belief in his comic book hero, though...
The American President can by no means be written off. In the low forties in approval ratings, he is far ahead of where George W. Bush was in his last few years. Given the desperate condition of the country when he came to office, Mr. Obama could hardly have been expected to turn much around in less than two years. He will likely take a drubbing in the midterm elections, but many presidents have recovered from dismal midterm showings.
 Oh, yeppers!  Little Larry Martin is a true believer in Obama!   Next issue:  Obama hops onto his warp-engined flying carpet to visit the Saudi King to discuss ways to quicken the pace of world domination in service of the Greater Good!


Jen said...

Obama ignores going through CONGRESS to have bills impliment. Obama passes his bill through EXECUTIVE ORDER.

PMSH doesn't have to go through those morons in parliament anymore nor through the senate. Just sign the executive order.

BTW CS, the movie business are leaving USA to come here.
Now I wonder why hmmmmmm, Martin?

Jen said...

You see, people like Martin, opposition parties and the media like OBAMA but when you ask them right now-which you should ask this question regularly:

Whuch country right now would you(they) perfer living under:
OBAMA's government or
PMSH's government.

Here's a caution, LAYTON's DUCEPPE's AND LIBERALS' plan, is to follow in OBAMA's footsteps.

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Gallup says Bush was at 42% in Aug 2006.

Gallup says Obama was at 43% in Aug 2010.

Far ahead? Bear in mind... this is Obama's first term.

Gallup says Bush was at 65% in Aug. 2002

Martin: "Mr. Obama could hardly have been expected to turn much around in less than two years."


(I'll bet not one voter thought this P.O.S. president was going to recklessly spend a TRILLION DOLLARS and fail to put a dent in the employment statistics.)