Saturday, September 04, 2010

Battle-scarred judge says Lakin decision ignores Constitution

Battle-scarred judge says Lakin decision ignores Constitution

REAL judge points finger at FAKE, CRIMINAL judge for ignoring defendant's Constitutional Rights.

FAKE, CRIMINAL judge is protecting Obama from the inconvenient truth by taking rights away from inconvenient dissidents.

Yes, military people ARE protected by the Constitution, too! They have ALL the same rights as everyone else!

But this FAKE, CRIMINAL judge is clearly pissing all over the US Constitution.
The lengths to which the Obamacrat Reich will go to cover up the inconvenient truth about Barack Hussein Obama... frightening, and dangerous.
I fully endorse, therefore, a HARD RIGHT TURN for the Free World.
We must go back to basics, the fundamentals, and get away from the corruption of the destructive Left.


MikeAdamson said...

Curses! Foiled again...this time by a military judge following military legal precedent. The funny thing is that there's plenty of ammunition available to those who dislike Obama and/or his policies so these dips into lunacy seem unnecessary to me.

Unless the dippers really are lunatics in which case I can only say play on.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Military precedent?

You mean military personnel have NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in America?


Got any proof that it's precedented to deny a defendant's constitutional rights in the military?

Hmm. If this is true, then we can do it to gay and Muslim soldiers, too... But would that happen?

Don't open the can of worms unless you're prepared to eat the worms.

By the way, a "dipper" is a socialist... it's the NDPers' nickname.

Again I see someone, you, trying to deny the undeniable: That there's ZERO EVIDENCE that Obama is constitutionally, legally, the President.

What are you folks afraid of? That he'd be found guilty of treason and executed, according to the law? Hey, if one doesn't want to be punished, one shouldn't do the crime.

That aside, how can a defendant defend himself if he's not allowed to defend himself? Whatever happened to the Constitution?

Is the Constitution dead?


No picking and choosing. If we take rights away from some, we must take them away from everyone!

Man, I just love being sarcastic...

Also, it's odd that the Obamacrats want to try enemy combatants according to the Constitution, with full civilian rights, etc... but they don't want American service personnel to have the same rights as the Enemy. Weird.

America is fecked up.