Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hateful Christianophobes Oppose Christian Concert @ Ft Bragg

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

Let my ask:  Did these people oppose the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero?  I don't recall.

Well, they oppose allowing the US Military having a concert for its Christian members.  They accuse the military of "proselytizing".

Well, what about the schools making kids learn about Islam and gayness...  Shouldn't that stuff be kept out of the state (schools), too?  Oh, but in those cases, it's "necessary" to proselytize to "teach tolerance and understanding", as the Left claims.  Hogwash!  Clearly, people need to have Christianity imposed upon them so as to teach them to understand and tolerate Christians... especially the bigots at AUSCS.  The other folks, they already enjoy the powerful protection of state-enforced political correctness.  Christians, on the other hand, are a persecuted minority group.

The US military, nevertheless, should tell the AUSCS to eff-oh!

On the one hand, the Left is trying to impose open homosexuality on the military... and on the other, they're saying we've gotta get the Christ out of the military.  Oh, and they're accommodating Muslims more and more, to a dangerous extent, in fact... they ignored the insanity and danger signs of Major Hassan at Ft. Hood... and we know how that worked out.  Looking the other way when a Muslim (like Major Hassan) shows signs of insanity and desire to commit terrorism... that's no good.  Whereas if a Christian showed those signs, he'd be in the loony bin just like that!

See what the Left is doing?  They're bad for America... and they're Christianophobic.  They need sensitivity training.  They need to be forced to be tolerant and understanding.  They need to learn that Christians aren't bad people after all, that Christians are nice, charming and peaceful.  So the Left should be very courteous and accommodating towards Christians, too.  The Left needs to learn to treat everyone equally, even Christians and conservatives and Tea Party folks and Jews and Israelis...  (the ordering of these groups is perfectly random, and no one is first or last).

The Left is mean and hateful and needs to have that demon exorcised via mandatory sensitivity training... this is the bottom line.

Ah.  That rant felt good.  Now I feel better after a tough day at work.  Take that, Left!

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