Sunday, September 19, 2010

McSneaky the Hypocrite Practices Hidden-Agenda Projection

 Liberal Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty poses with his pet Hidden Agenda.
There's no denying its existence.  It's, like, right there!

Story here.

Of course, Liberals are always being hypocrites and practicing projection, so it's par for the course.

Charging their opponents with a "hidden agenda" just means that the Liberals themselves have a hidden agenda.

Like, remember when I said, in 2008, that Obama had one, and I've been proven right.  All that crazy crap he's been imposing onto America... he never said he would, but there he goes.

Michael Ignatieff has a hidden agenda, too.... Obviously.  No one believes that guy's for real either.


Dallas said...

Leftism is an ideology. Conservativism is not. End of debate.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Conservatism is about reality.

Jen said...

Didn't you hear- OBAMA supporters Layton and Mc callum want to follow Obama's stimulus.

No noise from the medis so I gather that they too want to spend more money on their friends.

Now you know why the media are so upset with the prime minister because he is 'only' spending 42 billion dollars on items which the liberals failed.

Which one is better?
OBAMA's $$$Trillions in deficit or
PM's $42B.

The answer is so simple for the media- OBAMA'S.

Jen said...

If you have to do s piece on how the liberals treat their reporters and the way the prime minister treats them will surprise you.
Here's a few:
Chretien almost choked a reporter-nothing was said.

When a CBC reporter ask Paul Martin about his private conservation with Dingwall and the 70thousand dollars etc.
Paul Martin " there was no conservative"-the same reporter asked the same qiestion but got a stern look from Martin.
She said nothing after nor to the public.
Robert FIFE ask BOB RAE a simple question or for his opinion and instead of getting an answer BOB RAE told FIFE " to shut up" , Fife was elated when he was treated that way by Rae.

ON Question Period, either Taber or Oliver must have said something to Danny Williams for him to say "don't put words in my mouth"

Dalton tells the media how far they must from him.

You see, the liberals know how to treat their own kind.

Had the Conservatives done all those things, the msm will still be bitching and complaining.

Canadian Sentinel said...

You got that right, Jen.

Jen said...

CS, read carefully, there you will find who got how much money in ads etc and avaaz determination to oust the CPC. read about their CPC complaints.

The third party no one talks about
Kevin Libin, National Post · Monday, Sept. 20, 2010

Read more:

Canadian Sentinel said...

I posted that, via BLY.