Friday, July 16, 2010

Warren Kinsella, census refusenik

Warren Kinsella, census refusenik

After quitting the Michael "Whiffy" Ignatieff Liberal Party's War Room out of frustration, Warren "Prince of Darkness" Kinsella is AGAIN playing the thorn in the Liberal Party's side. This time he's actually supporting the Harper Conservatives' decision to make the long-form Census voluntary, going against Whiffy's dictated position for the Party.

I note also that the Pauper of Poopy Dimness from Heck is also a proponent of a Liberal-NDP coalition (which, in practicality, would require separatist/communist Bloc Quebecois support). Uh-oh... the Liberal leadership has once again brought the wrath and heckfires of Blazing Catmeat upon themselves... Cool! Beer and popcorn time!


Robert of Ottawa said...

The Liberal party is the natural ruling party.

Bob Ray is the next to be natural ruling party leader. Desmarais & Co (who did B-Ray marry?) are awaiting the defeat of a sacrificial sucker.

Then they will retake control .... NOT. Because they do not understand that they have no g-given right to rule and ht epeople see through them now.

During, and more so after, the next election, expect establishment people's heads to explode, all over the TG.Star, G&M, CBC etc.

I suggest ypu avid these places if you do not want to see pathos and splutterin.

Jen said...

It is not the liberals anymore; they are now part of a 'COALITION' party.