Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Piece Of Crap From Jimmy Travesty & The Turdronto Red Star

Travers: Nightmares lurk in Stephen Harper's dreams - thestar.com

Look who else smells sulfury besides Michael "Stinky Whiffy" Ignatieff: Jimmy Travesty of the Turdronto Red Star.

Again, Mr. Travesty attempts, in vain as usual, to fearmonger and spin everything into negatives or hypothetical negatives based on his wild-n-crazy, wacky-lefty imagination. It's not even mildly amusing, and reeks of the same-old, same-old anti-right negative-nellying to which we're tiresomely accustomed as coming from Old Liberal Media babbling heads such as Jimmy here.

And there's another glaring problem with this TurdStar article: It's actually filed under "news", when, in fact, it's nothing but opinion, and a rather stinkily biased opinion at that.

See why I can't stand the Old Liberal Media? Manipulative, deceptive, disingenuous, propagandic, methano-sulfur-bloviating bumholes is what they are!


Jen said...

Now you know why the devil likes to roam within the TO and LPOC they both smell and reek of hate, manipulation, digust for our country and troops and us canadians. CBC CTV and others have lost credibility beyond belief. the hate reeking from these medias are just as bad.
Why do you think that they have beenkeeping the liberals alive, it has nothing to do about canada or for canada-this is greed amongst themselves at our exspense.

I can't be bothered to watch the corrupt media anymore-I watch FOX instead.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I suspect that Liberals and the Old Media are fond of big meals of beans and hardboiled eggs...