Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Racist Exposed, Loses Job After Video Released

Racist taken out by Breitbart's video evidence following NAACP's hypocritical propaganda attack

Taken out by evidence provided by Andrew Breitbart via Big Government website.

See? I told you that Andrew Breitbart was gonna be BIG.

He's proving it. He's taking down the Obamacracy, bit by bit, by exposing them with hard evidence.

He's doing the job the Old Media was supposed to do.

It's sooooo easy that the massive "news" industry's inability/unwillingness to do it is astonishing, to say the least, and raises serious questions in the minds of those who continue to quit paying attention to those Obamacracy propagandists.


orvict said...

you missed the point didnt you.
It was not about Shirley Sherrod being racist.
It was about the NAACP audience laughing when she told of them that she had discriminated against the white farmer.
Breitbart was setting a trap.
When you see the whole video you understand the context.
Regardless Breitbart is awesome

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, of course.

Breitbart's on the warpath.

He warned the regime.

And he's got a LOT more up his sleeve. He promised to release stuff before the election, close it voting day...

He also said we don't have to play nice with the Progs.

A master play there- making the Obamacrats panic and take action that exposed themselves as firing people just like that. Now, if they bring 'er back, they'll have to bring back others they fired without cause...