Friday, July 02, 2010



Still no "right-wing extremist" violence being reported.  Just left-wing, left-wing, left-wing... and, of course, Islamic.   Funny how the Left and Old Media screech endlessly about violent "far-right" folks, but we never see any. Just left-wing extremists. Ok, then, time to ...put out a nationwide BOLO for anyone who looks leftist, 'cause they're potential terrorists, right? Pull 'em over. Check papers. Look 'em up and down. Why not? The Obamacrats wanna do it to non-leftists and other dissidents, so the Canadian Left, who's ok with that, can't complain... (sarcasm)

You know, this bombing won't be taken as being much of a big deal by the Left and the Old Media as would a bombing at a gay bar or a mosque or something the Left and Old Media actually value.  They won't say much about the bombing of a military recruiting center, will they?   And they sure as hell won't play up the "left-wing extremist/terrorist" angle, either, whereas if the bombers were "right-wing" (non-leftist, ie. capitalist), they'd put it right there in huge headlines full of alarm and fearmongering, and Leftist "experts" would point fingers at the Conservative Party and PM Harper, as if there was any connection.  'Course, the same Leftist "experts" will dismiss any connection to Leftist political parties and leaders, in classic Prog hypocrisy fashion.


Jen said...

The far left experts and media and opposition will soon post a bail for their friends the terrorists.

It was coming to this sooner or later we are not 'free' nor safe anymore. the comfort of the whining has come to a screetching halt.

The media will pay for all of this-you dam right, they and they alone knew of the opposition support for terrorists who the media refused point blank to alert the public.

You better pray that this prime minister stephen harper and the conservative party remain in government for a long time because the opposition coalition,socialists communists, terrorist supporters and their media will most definetly ruin our country. They are dangerous that is why criminals like to live among them.

Jen said...

When Mrs Khadr said 'live' on television in Pakistan pledging her commitment to Al-qaeda and to Bin Ladin and instead of refusing her entry to canada for the safety of canadians, Jean Chretien allowed to re enter Canada without a problem.
When Mrs Khadr and daughter were interviewed on CTV.Mrs, Khadr again made her committment to the Al-qaeda, she said this after the interview. What did CTV do, absolutely nothing.

Mrs Khadr. would never have been allowed to re enter USA had she said so if she lived in the States. The americans would have barred her entry.