Friday, July 23, 2010

Liberals, NDP support state racism

Liberals, NDP support race-based hiring

Shame on the Liberals and New Democrats! Shame on them for their racism, their hatred and intolerance!

Bunch of knuckledragging neanderthals!

Don't vote Liberal or NDP. Don't vote for racism.

Stop racism!


Jen said...

It is about time, why must the colour of your skin be your crowning point to get a job right of the bat. We want 'merit' at work if a black has better qualification better than a white for the job-you hire the black.

Governments have too many unqualified workers; some have no clue what is what.

Now working for the star or CBC CTV etc don't need qualification or merits just as long as you hate your country the troops and conservative and Israel you are hired on the spot.(lol).

Every business hire people base on merit and qualifications so why can't the government of all places.

maryT said...

Wonder what would happen if one put down Albino.