Monday, July 05, 2010

Must-Watch: Levant Discusses Free Speech Issues With Stossel On FOX


Jen said...

I noticed that only one kind are entitled to 'FREE SPEECH' IN CANADA and they are the 'left.'

When Ann Coulter came to canada- it was not to speek at the university assembly but to conservatives only in a small area and the left went beserk nuts.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

So, CS:

Is it REALLY that bad in Canada? And why isn't your blog attacked?


Canadian Sentinel said...

Actually, it's getting better, thanks to Ezra's valor.

He's representing Ann Coulter in her HR complaint against the university bigwig(s).

The fight has only just begun...

Jen, the berserking leftist students, they're more like brainwashees, apparently. No doubt the U of Zero is a left-wing indoctrination factory. It shows. They were used as Useful Idiots/brownshirts by F. A. Houle and Allan Rock(solid head).

Canadian Sentinel said...

Dunno why my blog hasn't been attacked. Others have.