Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hébert: Gun registry duel could take Stephen Harper to brink of majority -

Hébert: Gun registry duel could take Stephen Harper to brink of majority 
If the government succeeds in eliminating the registry with the help of the NDP, it will have fulfilled an iconic promise to its core base.

Such a result would also empower Ignatieff to go after Layton on gun control in the next election.

From the Conservative standpoint, time spent by the Liberals and the NDP on fighting each other is time well spent.

But if the gun registry bill dies at the hand of a concerted Opposition barrage instead, that lost battle will be put to use in the fight for a Conservative majority. That is very much a war of attrition that is being fought on a seat-by-seat basis.

Of course, no surprise the NDP would choose ideological purity over the prospect of ever taking power. But the big surprise is that the Liberals are now opting for ideological purity, ie. identical to the far-left NDP, and are abandoning their delusions of ever again attaining power. Ok, fine. So be it. Really, I'm... ok with these far-left parties putting ideological bigotry ahead of representing constituents and ahead of their power ambitions.

Hmm. I think that the powerful, wealthy, ultra-extreme left-wing/neo-communist leadership behind the proverbial curtain are really exerting irresistible control over their Libber-Dipper puppets now... Kinda like how it works in the States with George Soros et al behind the curtain puppeteering Obama et al.

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