Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Canada backs cops: Goldstein

Canada backs cops: Goldstein

Guess what else? The vast majority, hell, let's call it a consensus, of Canadians also want the "Black Bloc" hard-leftwing demolition group charged as TERRORISTS.

Cops, Canadians: 1

Leftists, douchebaggers, pisspoor-looking ninja-wannabe "Black Bloc" destroyers-of-stuff, hard leftwing terrorist group: 0


Canadian Sentinel said...

Those douchebaggers are the fellow-nuanced-progressive-sophistite ilk of a certain infamous troll... ;)

Jen said...

The medias' obsession over the protesters smell fishy to me. They are more worried about their partners(protesters)in crime are being treated instead of actually focusing on G20 sumit.

Yet again, the media has been in MORATORIUM for years that they have no clue how to report on anything of importance.