Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time For A Snow Brush Registry?

Above:  A snow brush.  One was used in holding up a 7-11 in Canada.

Below:  Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.  He believes that guns must be registered because they can be used in committing crimes.

So will Mr. Ignatieff call for a snow brush registry too?

He might as well.  He's foolish enough.

Hope it doesn't happen.  After all, I own three snow brushes....

UPDATE:  I can't resist...


With snow brushes.

On the street.

In Canada.

I didn't make this up.  I'm not allowed to.

Choose your Canada.

Don't vote for Ignatieff's Liberals.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Watching Sarah Palin with her father buy a rifle because they were going hunting in view registered her name into the logbook.
The gun shops or guns in stores are already resgirstered before selling and again when customers buy guns or rifles.
However, there are weapons that do come into canada undetected. What about them, is Ignatieff planning to stand at every border or ever hole to make sure people with undetected unregistered guns are arrested. Ignatieff most probably the first to run away when the individual with the illegal weapon points it at his face.

It is the individual who get hold of a gun without registering his or her name to kill someone is the one responsible.

Guns don't kill people
People kill people just like the liberals' taliban are killing innocent women and children. Well, why not stop them as well Ignatieff.