Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate: Does It Even Exist?

Even the Governor of Hawaii himself says he was looking for it and couldn't find it.

Funny how Hawaii claims they have it, but now they're saying they're not so sure...

Have they been lying all along?

Perhaps the whole thing about Hawaii having the document was always a lie?

Does Obama himself have it?

Did he destroy it?

If the real birth certificate is nonexistent, then how could the condensed version be for real and not a fraud made up for political optics?

Is Obama an impostor?

Is his Presidency Constitutionally invalid, null and void, as well as the laws, etc. he signed while illegally in office?

How do we know?  We're told to "just believe" that "everything's fine".

But since when do we trust the government when they say "oh, don't worry, be happy- there's nothing wrong going on"?

Americans have a choice.

Think as you're told, period.  Do not question Obama's Constitutional Eligibility for Office of the President, or else you'll be publicly humiliated.  Perhaps even worse.


Demand proof.  Demand obedience of the Constitution.

Demand respect for the rule of law.

PROVE Obama is the President, for real, under the Constitution, and that his Presidency is Constitutional.

If we're told that the Constitution doesn't matter, then we can throw their words back at them when they and their judges say, for example, that we can't keep a "Bush-passed law" "Because it's unconstitutional".

Disrespect for and disobedience of the Constitution is just cause for civil war.


Jen said...

Not only do the american know much of OBAMA as an american but neither do they know if he is really a christian especially when in an interview he revealed without hesistation "I am a muslim" but had to recheck his words when the interviewer reminded him that he Obama, is a christian.

If Palin did what Obama is doing. Every leftwing media will be at her case.
So, ask yourself "let me see, Obama can abuse his power, not show his BC, say he is a muslim then changes his mind and so on and the media says basically from their atitude it is not a problem-but, it is a problem if Palin does it?"
Maybe CS some of those reporters are not reporters at all but hired people without experience to be told how to think write and ask only questions make insinuation that is directed to the Conservatives.

BTW CS, According to Glenn Beck yesterday: 'OBAMA plans to issue an executive order regulating talk show hosts, media'- Glenn plans to talk about that order today or so he says.

Canadian Sentinel said...

"Regulate" talk shows?

Uh-oh. Essentially, this means that they can only say what they're "allowed" to say...

Tyranny masquerading as "fairness".

But... it isn't fair that the "mainstream" (leftist) media has so much more of a voice than non-leftist media.

The whole "fairness" doctrine thing is bullshit. Still, the leftist media has the most powerful, wide-reaching voice of all... yet the Left complains that non-leftist media voices are being heard far and wide now via talk radio and online newsmedia. WTF?! They just want to make it so that fewer people will get the non-leftist message.

Jen said...

'They just want to make it so that fewer people will get the non-leftist message'

That is exactly their point. Great rid of as many 'right ring media as powerful especially Glenn, O'Reilly, Hannity etc; the FOX news may be regulate to CNN's style- less forthright news just as CBC and when that is being regulated into. Obama just like the liberals here are free to come and go say anything they want. But, it is the Becks, O'REILLEY'S ETC are the main ones the left wing want stopped completely.Man, they are afraid very afraid.'OF THE TRUTH'.

Jen said...

Glenn Beck is at it right now- attacking the CNN for insulting the Americsn people. Oh man or man Glenn is having fun at the lefties' mentality-- you would get a kick at it.

MONSTER said...

In his ghost written book he claims to have found his birth certificate in a box of papers. Maybe not where he was born but other information that would discredit his naritive are on the document. Like who is his real dad or what is his true race. He claims daddy hit the road when he was two though the records show him and mom were in Seattle not Hawaii not long after his birth.