Sunday, January 30, 2011

Islamist Goons Dressed Like Cops Threaten, Expel Anti-Supremacist Muslims From Debate

Tarek Fatah reports...

North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF).

Is it an Islamic Supremacist organization?

Why would they defame Mr. Fatah as a "hatemonger against Islam", unless they deemed all anti-supremacists/anti-Sharia-Law/anti-Islamization Muslims to be "hatemongers against Islam"?

Why did they send big, burly Islamist "security guards" who look just like cops to threaten and expel non-supremacists?

UPDATE:  Intrepid reporter Blazing Cat Fur was there...

News of Fatah's cancellation was greeted by by cheers of Allahu Akbar by a segment of the moderate muslims in attendance.
Apparently some of the "moderate Muslims"... weren't.

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