Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Most Canadians Hard-Right On Death Penalty, Say It's OK

Let the Left come unhinged at this revelation.

So, no matter how much the Liberal socialist coalition attacks PM Harper for saying he supports the penalty in certain circumstances, blasting him for his position will only mean that, by extension, they're blasting the majority of Canadians for having the same position.

What, does the Left want to engage in a massive propaganda campaign to manipulate and transform the Peoples' views on the death penalty to adhere to the Left's own preferred ideological dogmae?  Do they want to put in that massive, long-running propaganda and social intimidation effort like they did on the GLBT stuff?  Would it even work nowadays, since the People have access to alternative viewpoints and are no longer held hostage by the once-monopolistic, so-called "mainstream" media?

Like, who wants to have their money confiscated to support the likes of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka?  They should've gotten the death penalty.  So should've Clifford Olson.  So should've Allan Legere.  And I'm sure the majority agree with me, notwithstanding the melodramatic shock on the part of the Lightheaded Left.

Who's in touch with Canadians and their views?

Who's onside with Canadian values?

Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are.

The Liberal Socialist Coalition is NOT.

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