Friday, March 11, 2011

The One Thousand Dollar Bag

First Lady MIchelle Obama and proof that she's out of touch with ordinary Americans

Story here.

If it was Sarah Palin who went around with a thousand-dollar purse that looks like it could be had for a buck at the Dollar Store, the Left and the Old Media would be crucifying her for it.

But they'll let Mouche-elle get away with it... and with praise.


Governments have been overthrown by citizen protestors for stuff like this.

Rich, corrupt oppressors who live high on the hog while the citizenry suffer under their tyranny.


Jen said...

she must have bought a few others for the media-just to keep them quiet.

Sarah Palin like you said CC, would be plastered all over the media.

glacierman said...

It's not the bag that bothers me, it's the Cheshire cat grin that is accessorizing the bag that really grates the nerves.

Enkidu said...

I think it is rude to refer to the Wookie with the manly biceps and the big caboose as something like a two-bit whore, only more expensive.

Accurate perhaps, but rude.

Balbulican said...

Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were both candidates for political office, and thus fair game for mockery.

It used to be that politician's wives were viewed as non-combatants and treated with a little more civility. It's a shame to see that slip.

glacierman said...

Mrs. World traveler with her entourages and spending like she was a billionaire with her own money is not a problem, but she is doing this on the public's borrowed dime. How about all the White House super-parties with all the entertainers from all over the world dropping by for a little caviar and champagne, almost every week of the year? This merely shows the decadence and attitudes of the American Royal Couple. Cake anyone?

That is the difference here Blab! If we were see a more contrite and humble attitude from our "leaders" then this pointing out of the blatantly obvious wouldn't be the case.

When was the last time you heard about Laureen Harper's extravagant shopping habits? Barbara Bush?

Balbulican said...

Oh, of course, Glacierman. And references to "manly biceps", "big cabooses", "wookies" and "two bit whores" are just fair political criticism.

Sickening, really. But hey, if that's how y'all roll...

glacierman said...

I agree with you Blab on those references, probably a KKK troll!

But the shopping and spending spree that the 1st Royal Couple are on is mind blowing and need to be exposed.

Balbulican said...

I understand that mockery of ostentatious expenditure is great fun, and a cheap way to score points for those who are disinclined to engage in the tiresome chore of actually understanding or debating policy issues.

I personally didn't care what Sarah Palin spent on her wardrobe during the vice-presidential run, or what Michelle Obama spent on her handbag, or what Stephen Harper spends on his personal stylist, or what Mila Mulroney spent on her shoes. I'm a pretty frugal person myself, and I find the gratuitous display of wealth distasteful wherever it occurs.

Enkidu said...

Balbullwhatever has, of course, never engaged in name calling. Right? KKK, glacierguy? Got any evidence besides your own goofy opinion? Maybe caboose and biceps are particularly KKK epithets or something, I wouldn't know but you seem to.

Mooshell preaches restraint for others, but spends like she was Imelda Marcos. She has a physique like a pear and preaches fitness to others. She has a rear end that really needs a red flag tied onto it to be legal on the highway and she preaches 'good nutrition' to school kids. Why shouldn't I ridicule her?

At least she got someone else to dress her this time. It was a relief to my eyes not to have to see her outlandish dresses in garish colours, with that foot-wide best between her belly button and her breasts.

Balbulican said...

What a tasteful and mature group of commenters you're attracting, Sentinel.

Yes, we on the left have so much to learn from the sophistication of the right-wing bloggers.

I think my favourite today was Kathy Shaidle's post about how she wasn't going to write about the disaster in Japan because nothing bores her more than "foreigners".

Right up there with Wendy Sullivan't statement that "Slobodan Mislosovic did excellent work in ridding the world of Muslims. I only wish he’d managed to kill more of them."

Such compassion.

Are you going to declare Enikdu's comments about "two bit whores" unacceptable?

No, of course not. That's only for folks who you disagree with.

glacierman said...

Enkidu. Since when is somebody's physique the substance of such abuse? Your tongue is sharp with criticism, but you are the one short on substance. I do agree that the President and his wife are subject to sharp and cutting analysis, but the personal stuff is uncalled for. Wookie? Nice..not! Genetics can be a hard task-master, we have as yet not seen a perfect human being, so we are all open to the same criticism, what would be said about you?

All the lingo is typical blogosphere rhetoric about the 1st Lady, but she is still in a position of authority, which makes the personal stuff distasteful. Do you have the CJ's to say it to her face? Really!!! If not, then don't say nothin' at all.

The substance of her ridicule is in her hypocrisy, for the most part of not leading in a prudent and respectful manner, but from a nose held in the air and talking down to people who elected her husband to the office of president. The royalty attitude is what is particularity grating to those who are paying the bill for her extravagance. Those are character issues and those are blatant.

Enkidu said...

I've been reading your comments for a long time, ballguy. Your outrage rings rather hollow, and is not worthy of further comment.

Balbulican said...

Enikdu: Your retreat is as contemptible and cowardly as your disgusting "opinions".

Sentinel: How 'bout it, buddy? Does your silence on Enkidoodoo's disgusting comment mean approval? Or does it mean you only censure the folks who disagree with you?

Balbulican said...

G-man: kudos for having the balls to call crap when you see it.

∞ ≠ ø said...

As the dust settles I will suggest, once again, that the point has been missed.

“…Even as President Obama toasts Chinese President Hu Jintao yesterday, illegal Chinese-made knock-offs are openly sold in Midtown…”
Read more:

I propose the Krakoff is a knockoff. Now that's ugly in a whole other fashion.

glacierman said...

Thanks Balb,

Crap smells the same in every part of the world, and that comment was only good for making mushrooms.