Friday, March 25, 2011

I Guess The Don Is a Crazy Birther Racist Redneck Then?

Someone has to tell THAT to Obama, and fast!

Donald Trump wants to see PROOF that Barack Hussein Obama was actually born on American soil, as required by the US Constitution's Eligibility Clause to be President (the Clause preventing Arnold Schwarzenegger from even seriously thinking of being President).

Hey... why do Leftists demand proof that Saddam Hussein had WMDs, but they don't care about being evidentially 100% satisfied that Barack Hussein Obama REALLY does satisfy the Eligibility Clause?

WHY, WHY, WHY must we believe... JUST BECAUSE WE'RE TOLD?!

Sorry, left-wing propagandists, but it does NOT make one crazy to demand irrefutable proof, including a REAL birth certificate, of any and all who would be (or are pretending to be) President.

What IS crazy is to say that Obama doesn't have to live up to the same standard as folks like Sarah Palin would indubitably have to (because she's not exempt on the basis of skin color or ideology, as is Obama, obviously).

Why does Obama not have to satisfy the Eligibility Clause requirements IN THE EYES OF ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO SEE THE PROOF?

Sorry, but it's insufficient to trust the Democratic Party Elite, which includes Nancy Pelosi the infamous compulsive LIAR, which is responsible for making sure all nominees are Constitutionally qualified to run even for the nomination.

The People don't accept the claims of politicians.  They want EVIDENCE.

If that makes them somehow nuts, so be it.  Better nuts than wrong!

Bottom line for Obama:  If you want to be trusted and still be tolerated in the White House, then just show everyone your REAL birth certificate.

Or admit that either a) you do not have one or b) that it proves you were NOT born on American soil.

What will it be?

Confess, or prove?

The longer you go without telling the People the truth, the worse the consequences.

And isn't the penalty for high treason in America quite harsh?  How harsh, I wonder?

If it's not crazy to doubt Bush when he says Saddam had WMDs, then it's not crazy to doubt Obama and his propagandists and intimidatory army when they claim that he's eligible under the Constitution to be President.


Balbulican said...

Naw, Trump's not crazy. He stated he believes Obama was born in America.

It seems to me that there are two types of birther. There are the ones who actually BELIEVE in the Giant Conspiracy Theory, and there are the ones who are simply exploiting it as a useful political nuisance. Trump is one of the latter. Among the True Believers, I think some probably are a little crazy (can you watch Orly Taitz for more than three minutes and tell you think she's completely sane??), but most are just ideologues who don't reason very well.

Now, I've asked you several times flat out what you actually believed, and you duck. That suggests to me that you're one of those who just enjoys exploiting the nuisance value.

But on the off chance that you really are a true believer, say so, and we'll weigh the evidence for Hawaii vs. your choice of birthplace.

Balbulican said...

Sorry, in the interests of accuracy, I was mistaken. Trump doesn't admit he's jumping on the Birther Bandwagon. He says "the reason I have a LITTLE doubt...just a little..."

My error

Audrey II said...

Awesome post. I look forward to more of you posting on the issue of Obama's birth certificate, particularly given the long history of birther theories that have appeared on your site.