Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Iggy, Like Obama, Lying About His Background

Count Michael Ignatieff, Canadian Prime Minister wannabe:  
From poor, struggling ancestors?  
NO, despite his public claims!
This guy's Russian royalty, plain and simple, not an ordinary Canuck joe.
He's a bloody COUNT!  Like Dracula!
That on top of his admitting, while recorded, to be "horribly arrogant" and "American"...
...rather than a humble Canadian, which is what Canadians prefer... 
...and which they actually find in Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

One thing Michael Ignatieff is good at,  just like Barack Hussein Obama:

Lying about his background!

It's just strange he would throw his family's history down the memory hole to win a few votes. And it's stranger still that, having chosen to use his family as a campaign theme, he is surprised and outraged his opponents would correct the record. 

-Ezra Levant, SUN TV News
Oh, and also... I didn't know he had a son!  WTF!  Why hasn't he ever mentioned being a father?  Why hasn't he mentioned his son?  Is he not proud to be a father?  Is he ashamed of his son?

Who is Michael Ignatieff?

Some kind of pseudo-aristocratic puppet of foreign (particularly American, ie. George Soros et al.) elitists?

This is one helluvan international man of mystery, a man of many faces.

He's only Liberal Leader because he was appointed by the elites behind the curtain, not because he was elected by the members, as was supposed to be the case.

Besides, he offers nothing in the way of a vision for Canada, no vision that anyone can describe at all.

What he would do to Canada if he acquired the levers of power is a mystery... and a dangerous one at that.

Michael Ignatieff:  NOT a Prime Minister.


Balbulican said...

Looks like we'll be getting a chance to see whether or not Canada agrees with you.

Ms.FreeJustice said...

Welcome back CS. You wouldnt believe what I've had to endure while you were ;)

Balbulican said...

"I didn't know he had a son! WTF! Why hasn't he ever mentioned being a father? Why hasn't he mentioned his son? Is he not proud to be a father? Is he ashamed of his son?"

Err....CS? May I ask what you're talking about? His son Theo is named in his biography, on the Liberal party website, and in his Wiki bio.

My friend, you have an odd habit of refusing to read biographies and then proclaiming their subject a "mystery". Yup, they'll stay a "mystery" if you don't actually read up on them. :)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Obscure mentions in text don't excuse never mentioning in public. And the MSM never mentioned til now, my good man.

Have u no perspective, Balbsy?

See, this is one of the things about u that irritate folks. U don't see the picture and don't get the gist. It's subtle, so you have to think more. But will you? Dunno.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, GG, I noticed what u endured. A guy in a funny green hat. LOL

Balbulican said...

"Obscure mentions in text?"

Obscure - like Wikipedia, his official website, his published bio? ;)

"And the MSM never mentioned til now, my good man."

Really? So...if I were to find a mention in the MSM, you'd apologize, would you? Is that correct?

"U don't see the picture and don't get the gist."

My dear boy, I believe I see the picture AND get the gist. It's just not your picture or your gist.

'this is one of the things about u that irritate folks.'

Heh. All part of the job, CS. I can't help it. When I see folks thrashing in darkness, I consider it my duty to help them toward the light. :)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh? You have a flashlight upside your butt?

Not that I care. Not going there.

Jen said...

Igantieff the Count and to him we are the Count's 'less'

Paul Martin issued Ignatieff into the same riding as the deputy speaker of House, Augustine, a black woman forcing her out to be replace by Ignatieff.

Can you imagine Prince Williams yakking away his family lineage from way back when to his friends and to the British people on a daily basis. They would consider him a snob, arrogant something along like Ignatieff.

BTW CS, coming soon to a bookstore near year is a book from ?(can't remember his name)on the story explaining the Sponsorship Scandal.
Get one before the MSM arm guards decides to do some crazy thing.

Balbulican said...

"They would consider him a snob, arrogant something along like Ignatieff."

Actually, Jen, it's Ezra Levant who's "yakking away" about Ignatieff's royal ancestry, not Ignatieff. I think you're complaining about the wrong thing.

And just to be clear - our friend CS is mistaken. Ignatieff is not a count. Russian titles were eliminated in 1917: and no Canadian may hold a foreign title (with certain exceptions granted for titles awarded by the British Monarchy).

Glad I could help clarify that.

∞ ≠ ø said...

“When my father arrived in Canada, people made jokes about the ‘Count of no count’ and those jokes stuck,” Ignatieff said in an interview with Canwest News Service.
“Canadians cured my family of any illusions of grandeur they might have had about 60 years ago.”

Read more:

And that sticks in his craw today. It's obvious. Otherwise the quote would read "We had no illusions of grandeur."

He wants to teach Canada a lesson just like the one his buddy Obama is teaching the U.S.
If Canada were wise, she'd put his ass back on a boat.