Saturday, March 19, 2011

Looney Lawrence Blast the Bible?

Why do the majority of the Left hate God, the Bible and Glenn Beck? My answer will be, they all speak the truth.


Balbulican said...

That's one heck of an assertion you're making, Gabriella.

So "the majority" of "the Left" "hate" "God, the Bible and Glenn Beck"?

Do you actually believe that?

I ask because as a lefty and an atheist, I don't hate God or the Bible at all. I don't listen to Glenn Beck, so I don't know how I feel about him - but there aren't many people I've ever "hated" - lots I've disagreed with, and lots I've gotten angry at, but never hated.

As you can imagine, I have a fair number of leftish friends. And I can't say I've ever heard any of them express "hatred" of God or the Bible - neither the Christian ones nor the non-Christian ones.

So how do you figure a "majority" of us do all that "hating"?

Jen said...

I guess O'Donnell believes in the preaching of Al Gore who said three years ago "the world is going to end in four years which this year is the fourth year.

I am Catholic, and reading the gospel according to st Matthew, the disciples tested Jesus by asking Him "when is the end of time" Jesus gave them clues, signs to look for but told His disciples that, not the Son of God nor the angels and saints know the time, the hour of day of the End but God HIMSELF.
Jesus mentioned that we will experience 'birth pangs' and as we can see it is 'slowly' happening.

BTW. I thought that americans not all, think that OBAMA is the messiah to say that they do not need the real God anymore.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Indeed, Jen. Wonder what Balbsy has to say to that? Surely he agrees that Al Gore is nuts to claim to know the timing of the End of the World. And that anyone who'd say such insanely bizarre things as Al Gore can't be taken to be credible. After all, that's what Balbsy does: Attack the messenger based on weird, wild things they've said in the past. So I wonder if Balbsy believes the stuff uttered by the likes of Al Gore re global warming, etc.

Balbulican said...

If you would like me to respond to a quote from Al Gore, CS, I'll certainly be pleased to.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on Gabriella's suggestion that a majority of leftists hate God and the Bible? Do you share that view?

Peter Dodson said...

I don't hate God - its impossible to hate someone/something that, in my opinion, doesn't exist.

As for the bible, its good literature. I don't hate it either.

Glenn Beck? Don't hate him. I think him a buffoon, but hatred for someone so absurd is wasted.

Balbulican said...

That's part of the quandary for me.

I don't see how someone can believe in an omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent entity, and "hate" it. And I don't seen how you can "hate" something you don't believe in.

Complicating things still further is CS's belief that Democrats (who represent about half the American populace) are, ipso facto, "leftists". If that is so, and Gabriella's assertion is correct, we are living just to the north of a country where half the population hates God and the Bible. Hmm.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Balbsy, what evidence... as recent as possible, mind you... do you have that "Democrats represent about half the American populace"?

Come on. Recent polls put them significantly lower than that and you know it.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, sorry, but must go offline now...

Balbulican said...

LOL. My friend, your ability to duck the actual point and duck into tiny cracks is truly awe-inspiring. But sure, I'll play.

Please amend the final paragraph of my last comment to read as follows:

"Complicating things still further is CS's belief that Democrats (who represent a significant percentage of the American populace) are, ipso facto, "leftists". If that is so, and Gabriella's assertion is correct, we are living just to the north of a country where a significant percentage the population hates God and the Bible. Hmm."

There you go. Is that better? The point hasn't changed, of course.

Balbulican said...

So... do you actually believe that "a significant percentage of the population HATES God and the Bible"?

Please respond, I really am curious about how you and Gabriella view the world.

Gabriella Grizzly of U.S. said...

First off,let me address the word 'majority' for you. The polls I am referring to are only hard leftist. They does not compromise any where near 50% of the populace at large.

There may be only 20% of the politcally active people. If you include the batch of slugs that only concern themselves with b-ball, Dancing with the Stars, or the extremely young or old, then you must exclude fully 80% of the all Americans.So, for sake of statistical clarity, lets only consider active folks.

That would mean that a simple majority of those 20% would be only 10+% of the total 100% of active people.

It then by extension would mean that, only 2+% of the population at large. Do those numbers seem to be more realistically accurate??

We know that it is always a small number of hard left or right that have more concerted beliefs. The vast majority of the middle are sheep being lead to the slaughter by one side or the other and more times then not by skewed statistics and hyperbola.

Peter, Glenn Beck a baffoon?? Explain.

Balbulican said...

"it is always a small number of hard left or right that have more concerted beliefs."

I agree with you, G. Thanks for clearing that up.

If we're going to respond to each other with huge, blanket condemnations, then there is simply no room for discussion. And I personally think that we need to tone down the rage and the generalizations, and actually talk to each toerh about what's going on.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I take no lessons from Balbulican on "ducking", nor evading. I know this guy and am not going to take his hypocrisy. He plays the "game" a certain way, so he can't complain if others "break the rules" just like he does.


Canadian Sentinel said...

As for how leftists feel towards God and the Bible, I'll let folks judge for themselves based on the words and actions of the leftists.

And draw their own conclusions.

And leftists needn't go into denial and mock those who opine based upon their words and actions. ;)

Glenn Beck a "buffoon"? Oh, really? Well, Peter, I say that Obama is a hateful, racist, communist, Islami-submissive poophead and a horrific president and should resign immediately. No explanation needed on my part if you aren't going to make any case for Mr. Beck being a "buffoon".

Canadian Sentinel said...

I agree that rage must be toned down. And am glad Balbulican finally let go of his extreme antipathy towards me that forced me to have comment moderation on for a long time due to his unhinged attitide. LOL

Balbulican said...

Yes, it is a difficult question, and I certainly understand your reluctance to provide a clear response.

No problem, CS. Thanks.

Balbulican said...

"I take no lessons from Balbulican on "ducking", nor evading."

You are absolutely right, CS. There's nothing I can teach you about ducking or evading.

I'm not sure you realize what you just acknowledged about yourself, but we agree 100%. ;)