Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Liberal Party Militants

I think it's clear that the folks in the Liberal Party of Canada are Left-Wing Extremists...

Even his own people scare the heck out of him!

Not even little folks can stand the guy

Putting the O in "LOL"

Cuddly and comforting, ain't he?

Scary people led by a scary guy...

Just say NO!


Elise said...

I love the picture of Iggy reading to the little boy...the little guy's face tells it all! Trust your kid's instincts guys...don't let "Count" Iggy gain the reins - voting liberal is like voting for the bloc don't forget because he may say he won't form a coalition out of one side of his mouth but we already know he's a liar and will say anything to gain power. Watch out, Canada!

Anonymous said...

I think this might actually be the most ridiculous bit of right-wing propaganda I've seen. Not even credible, just stupid. Plenty of children are afraid of any adult they don't know. It's not clever, and its not even particularly humorous, but then, I don't subscribe to the right wing theory that a minority government means that the Conservatives can do whatever they want. Hypocrisy is everywhere with them, Harper spends his time in parliament screeching about transparency and is ousted on a contempt charge because he refuses to provide documents to MP's to pass motions and bills through the house of commons. If this is all you have ok, I don't know what you think you're selling, but it means nothing.

Ms.FreeJustice said...

You were offended by this?? Right wing propaganda..lol oh boy! Actually, I thought these pics were quite humorous. Its funny, why is it that the liberals can make fun of the conservative and they think its a hoot, but other way around and OH MY...its a crime. Quit being such a tightass, but then again, your a liberal so thats all you know how to be.

KGould said...

Reminds me of how less than 6 months ago when our mayor won his second term in municipal office, and quite a few people I know called him a militant s.o.b. among other things... and now he has announced he is taking a leave of absence and running for the local MP spot - under the Liberals.

He said at his press conference yesterday that the Liberal Party approached him about 6 weeks ago and expressed their wishes he run for them. Approaching a freshly-elected sitting Mayor and enticing him out of his civic duty to the very citizens he hopes will vote for him as MP.