Thursday, March 24, 2011

To Your Phones, To Exercise Your Power As Consumers!

Fair.  Balanced.
Hard News.  Straight Talk.
In Canada.

Launchdate:  April 18, 2011.

Less than a month from now.

Leftists... sweat bullets now.

Regular folks who care about TRUTH and DIVERSITY OF OPINIONS:

Go directly to your cable provider and WARN them that IF THEY REFUSE to offer SUN TV News, that you will CANCEL them and go with whomever DOES offer the channel!


Ms.FreeJustice said...

Hope they become as big as Fox News down in the states and are as well informed. Should be interesting.

MikeAdamson said...

What's the plan if none of the cable/satellite providers decide to carry it? Podcast? Megaphone?

Balbulican said...

I supported the licensing of this channel (as I supported the licensing of Fox and Al Jazeera English - because the more voices, the better). However, I think their business model is very weak: and they know it, as evidenced by the fact that they sought mandatory carriage in their application. You have to admit there's something hilarious about a "conservative" channel begging a federal agency for protection against the market, before they even get on air.

I assume they're hoping to pull a Canwest and keep their content costs low with bicycled content and cheap acquisitions.

Enkidu said...

It was my understanding that they did not ask for mandatory carriage, but then again, I haven't followed their every move. You got some evidence to the contrary?

Canadian Sentinel said...

I believe they initially considered mandatory coverage, then dropped the idea.

Nothing wrong with that.

Balbulican's just being naturally dissy 'cause he's leftist and SUN News is expected to dis the Left.

Hmm. I'd like to see leftists dis the leftist media like they dis non-leftist media. Not going to happen. Sure, Balb will claim he's dissed them, but funny thing is that it hasn't happened openly, nor brazenly. Unless there's evidence to the contrary (Balb can provide it to me privately if he prefers).

Canadian Sentinel said...

That said, bottom line is whether SUN News provides what the consumers have been demanding: THE TRUTH, NO MATTER HOW INCONVENIENT AND POLITICALLY INCORRECT.

As long as SUN News dares to rock the world as the Left doesn't want it to, then SUN News will be spectacularly successful.

If, however, SUN News were to just be "mainstream", more or less, then they'll just be another outlet, and will be about as successful as the likes of CTV, CBC, Global (now Shaw)... and that's not very successful, actually.

Remember, FOX News is waaaaaay on top in terms of audience size in the US news/views marketplace... not by being like the others, but rather by telling people the truth they're "not supposed to be" telling them, and by daring to present politically inconvenient points of views.

Balbulican said...

"I believe they initially considered mandatory coverage, then dropped the idea."

They initially APPLIED for mandatory carriage, then resubmitted for consideration as a Class 3.

"Balbulican's ... dissy ... leftist..."

Huh? I said (a) I suppported their licensing, (b) I have some doubts about their business model (mostly to do with the likelihood of attracting sponsorship in a limited, rapidly diversifying, highly competitive market. I also pointed out the irony of a "conservative" broadcaster seeking protection from market forces.

Honestly, CS - surely you can do better that just bleating "lefty, lefty, lefty"?


Ah, the TRUTH. Like the other media I see quoted in here as "TRUTH".