Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tommy Douglas, Darling of Canadian Left: 'Gayness a Mental Disorder'

Tommy Douglas, the guy who brought socialist healthcare to Canada (a bureaucratically-boondoggled nightmare of a social program that really doesn't work so well anymore, due to the fact that it's now failing to save lives when it otherwise could).

His views on things would today bring universal scorn and contempt and probably get him hauled before the "Human Rights" Commission.

Douglas also advocated anyone who wanted to marry be subject to government testing to obtain certificates of mental and physical fitness. He saw this as a way to keep “subnormal” humans from marrying.

"Because this class tend to intermarry... the second and third generations are nearly always worse than the first. The result is an ever increasing number of morons and imbeciles who continue to be a charge upon society,” Douglas wrote in defence of eugenics.

In the 1968 election, Douglas stated during the leaders debate he agreed with decriminalizing homosexuality. But he added "…we ought to recognize it for what it is: it's a mental illness, it's a psychiatric condition, which ought to be treated sympathetically by psychiatrists and social workers.”

But it was his long ties to left-wing groups that fascinated the RCMP, which seemed determined to prove Douglas was a Communist.

Wow- imagine someone saying, let alone getting away with saying, such stuff TODAY!

Well, I'd say... communist is as communist does.  And Tommy Douglas did communism.

Duh.  We don't need the guys in the red coats on the horses to tell us that.

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Bob Devine said...

Good ole Tommy D. Canada`s most prominent commie. Leader of the pack in the old CCF party that evolved into our current NDP. They changed their name to escape the Commie perceptions but kept all of the commie policies. I didn`t like him then and I still do not like what he stood for today. The NDP would be a much better fit in Russia or maybe Cuba some day.