Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Left Coast Liberals Include Kiddies & Kitties Too!

 An armful of cute kitties.  Maybe they're also members of the BC Liberal Party.
Oh, wait... this pic is 'Shopped.
So not all would be members, then.  Some are duplicate kitties.
Oh, wait... would liberals really care if they're duplicate kitties?

WTF is going on- did the British Columbia Liberal Party hire ex-ACORN workers to help expand their membership rolls?

VANCOUVER – Another candidate for the B.C. Liberals has come clean on phoney memberships after several members of a Kamloops junior hockey team were registered as supporters of Kevin Falcon.


The revelation comes a few short days after rival Christy Clark admitted a cat named Olympia, belonging to a senior volunteer, was registered as member of the B.C. Liberal Party.

Silly liberals.  How can anyone entrust these folks to govern?

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