Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Astute Reader Calls Lamestream Media Out Again

Below is the opinion of Orville H., as he sent to Evan Solomon of CBC Radio-Canada (a semi-state broadcaster which favors the Left and the Liberal Socialist Coalition), and CC'd to me, as is often the case...

President of CIDA Margaret Biggs, who signed the Kairos document, testified before the parliamentary committee in December, Oda did nothing wrong and used her ministerial discretion and judgment to deny approval of the funding.

“I think as the minister said, the agency did recommend the project to the minister. She has indicated that. But it was her decision, after due consideration, to not accept the department’s advice. This is quite normal, and I certainly was aware of her decision. The inclusion of the word “not” is just a simple reflection of what her decision was, and she has been clear. So that’s quite normal,” she told the foreign affairs committee.”

The story should have ended there but the opposition with a subservient media is making all kind of unfounded allegations and smears and Oda should not let them get away with it as they did with Guergis.
(Emphasis mine)

Again we see the Liberal-Socialists and the Lamestream Media marching in propagandic lockstep to attempt to defame the Conservatives in the lazy minds of swing-voting electorate members...


Balbulican said...

Heh. Well, actually, Sentinel, the issue is that Bev Oda lied when she stated that she did not know who or how the document was altered. She subsequently admitted it was done with her authority.

A Minister of the Crown has the authority to overrule the recommendations of her staff. She does not, however, get to lie about doing it.

∞ ≠ ø said...

***Note to readers: I read all of Balbulican’s posts in the voice of 'Comic Book Guy'. I find it suits him.***

Once again the attempt is to misdirect. The issue at hand is that the full testimony given by Ms. Biggs concerning this incident was apparently edited.

The discussion here is not about the KAIROS document. It is about whether the media has covered the ensuing proceedings in an appropriate fair and balanced way.

Balbulican said...

My dear fellow, some of us don't think Ministers of the Crown should lie to Parliament. You're free to set your own ethical bar as low as you like.

Balbulican said...

Sorry, I just realized that at least two of the bloggers on this site probably don't get much news from Canada, and may not know what we're talking about.

The President of the Canadian International Development Agency (a public official of the rank of deputy minister) signed a grant recommendation for $7-million. At some point, some inserted the word “not” into the document, making it look as if CIDA opposed the grant. Ms. Oda insisted before a Parliamentary committee that she knew nothing about who had done so.

Last week she admitted under questioning in Parliament that it was she who ordered the “not” be put in. That confession is irreconcilable with her testimony at the committee.

As Minister, she absolutely has the authority to refuse a grant, as the President of CIDA states in Orville's quote. But that's not the issue. The issue is that she lied.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Nope. Wrong. The issue at hand is that the reporting is crap. It is important to know that Biggs did not take the opportunity to distance herself from the situation. Why, if she signed without a "not", does she not see it as irregular? It takes the full story to move to a bigger picture.
It is obvious that KAIROS bites the hand that feeds it, both in its position on Israeli affairs and in other areas pertaining to Canada's international affairs; but could the problem run deeper? Are there ties to, or have they been duped by Hamas or other terrorist organizations? Is there an ongoing investigation?

Questions: Pen signature? E signature? E signature authorized?
Before or after “not”
When did the not get added? Added by whom? Added under whose authority? Added for what reasons? (etc.) It would not surprise me at all if Ms. Oda has been caught in much larger circumstances than she is prepared to handle. Do you want the full story, or just a fall guy?
KAIROS reapplied. No movement there.

∞ ≠ ø said...

While you bluster about grammar and clichés you really miss a lot don’t you. If you give people the respect to listen to the words they say and the ideas they are either expressing either eloquently or with some difficulty you may learn something. For example: A man runs up to you in the street and says “Hay mista! Your house be on fire!” Are you going to criticize him for his grammar? Would you rather, “I say old chap, I just noticed there is rather a large conflagration taking place at your residence.” Either way, you will forever remember those words foremost for the ideas they expressed, the character, syntax and style are secondary. Reversing this natural order is elitist and fraught with error. And you, of all people, should know better.
So as you criticized PM Harper's “flat, cliché-ridden and and equally ungrammatical statement” you may have missed something.

Google the cliché.

Balbulican said...

So in your view, Squiggles: was Ms. Oda's lie acceptable?

∞ ≠ ø said...

Acceptable, no. Condemnable, not so fast. Lots to figure out. Biggs's statement is also specious.

I think it would be very unfortunate if people were to lose their jobs over the decision to fund or not to fund this P.O.S. NGO.

Oda needs to have been complicit with higher authority and cooperating with an investigatory body. That and a good PR campaign against KAIROS will save her.
She needs to have been duped, (E-signature or the word 'not' added without authority) subsequently complicit with higher authority and cooperating with an investigatory body.
Anything less than that would mean she needs to take the fall. She should make a statement justifying her view of KAIROS, perhaps stating that she feared retaliation, apologize and step down.

Balbulican said...

"I think it would be very unfortunate if people were to lose their jobs over the decision to fund or not to fund this P.O.S. NGO. "

I don't think anyone's job is on the line because an NGO was denied funding. Minister Oda's job is on the line because she lied to a Parliamentary Committee.

Canadian Sentinel said...

So would you agree that Obama's job should also be on the line because he lied to pretty much EVERYONE?

Or do you not think he ever lied?


Balbulican said...

Well, Ms. Oda is a Minister in MY government, CS, so I feel like I have a bit of say. How the USA decides to set their ethical standards is up to them, I guess.

What's interesting in this case is that
a) She lied
b) She acknowledges that she lied, and
c) Her boss - Prime Minister Harper - feels that's acceptable.

I don't, but I gather you do?

∞ ≠ ø said...

Well, I just spent the better part of two hours looking into this and, I must say, all I come up with is stupidity.
The most stupid are the people who asked questions in the Commons and at committee.
Second most stupid is the Minister/CIDA interface.
Almost tied for second is this electronic ink signature.

I would conclude from the fragments of primary document evidence that Oda didn't lie.
Best links:

Biggest loser prize to Liberal MP John McKay who, according to the CBC, said the affair shows Oda’s management of her department has become “a gong show.”

What a lovely racist bon mot.

Balbulican said...

You are, of course, free to accept the version of events circulated for briefing to Conservative caucus members. As spin goes, it's ok - not great, but it may convince a few people.

The gist of the argument is that when Oda told the Parliamentary Committee "“I cannot say who wrote the ‘not.’" , everyone was supposed to understand that she meant "I don't know who inserted the word at my instruction and with my knowledge.".

It's a bit like claiming Bill Clinton didn't lie when he claimed "not to have had "sexual relations with that woman" because everyone should have understood that he was referring to a specific occasion on which he failed to have full vaginal penetration.

But as I said - by all means, set your standards for openness as low as you like. Just bear in mind that this government was elected by people who thought they were going to get MORE honesty, MORE transparency, and MORE accountability. All kidding aside; if this government demonstrates anything, it is the corrupting influence of power.

∞ ≠ ø said...

I expect liberals to be held to the same standards as the conservatives. The metaphor associating Ms. Oda with a gong clearly involves racial overtones. McKay's trite witticism is not indicative of a clear minded political leader.
If a conservative made such a comparison he or she would be called to the mat for it. His statement contained no constructive merit whatsoever. Shame, I say.

He is an "embarrisment" to his country.

Balbulican said...

You're may not be aware that "gongs" don't figure very prominently in Japanese music, Squiggles. Chinese and Javanese, yes. Interesting that you leaped to that conclusion, though.

∞ ≠ ø said...

You're confusing culture with race you dolt. This is a bone headed attempt to make me look bad for McKay's useless blather.

I guess here is where I apologize for being racist for perceiving someone else’s comment as racist....NOT!

Balbulican said...

Apologize? Nonsense, dear boy. No need. Many folks think "they all look the same", and couldn't tell a Sangen from a Shueng Kwong. You're far from alone.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Very clever...well... klever.

Dear readers,
The Balbster condescends and ascribes me to the "they all look the same" characterization. The quote appears to be that of a bigot. He follows with a comparison between a Sangen and a "Shueng Kwong" which one might presume are two distinct groups of Asian peoples. Note that this contrivance deals with ethnicity and not race. So if this post were straight forward it would yet again fall short of his original argument. However, on closer inspection the word Sangen is rarely used and typically refers to a three stringed Japanese instrument. A "Shueng Kwong" is a type of Chinese gong.
Sort of....
Balbs is playing with the idea that I am a bigot while directly implying to me that I don't know my head from my ass.

First allow me to point out that "Shueng Kwong" is spelled incorrectly. Sh-e-u-ng Kwong is correct. In Chinese that is like the difference between tóu bù and tún bù .
Second, the sangen is more commonly referred to as a shamisen. Sangen itself is a derivative of sanxian which is a Chinese precursor of this Japanese string instrument.
So this is...klever.

Now for you, Beelzebub, I shall add a comparative.
If a black man was to receive this compliment: ‘He runs his office like a KFC.’ How do you think that would go over? I think it is a fair comparison. None of us believe for even a second that gongs are not prominent in Japanese culture.
I see no real difference. These comments are obviously taboo. In fact McKay’s is worse because it also defames the organizations seeking the grants. She runs her office like a circus. He runs his office like a well oiled machine. Easily done; first clichés that come to mind. Just how does McKay come up with a show that hasn’t been relevant since… well…it was never relevant.
He should be censured.
If, however, it comes to light that Roy Orbison hosted the Gong Show…. I will stand corrected.

Balbulican said...

As a strategic note, Squiggle, the deconstruction, to win points, has to be just as clever as the original; otherwise you're just riding on the coat-tails of a wittier writer. Just sayin'.

Sorry, attributing racism to McKay for likening Oda's shop to The Gong Show, a boomer icon of hilarious, incompetent amateurism, is so silly I don't think you believe it yourself.

∞ ≠ ø said...

"The Gong Show, a boomer icon of hilarious, incompetent amateurism..."

Egad, have I tapped into something uniquely... Canadian?

Balbulican said...

Good grief.

No. An American series produced by Chuck Barris.

Did you seriously - I mean SERIOUSLY - think he was talking about, like, GONGS?

∞ ≠ ø said...

No... Here, I am beginning to think that the "Gong Show" has somehow made a different impression upon Canadians than it did on Americans. There seems to be an affinity somewhere in the Canadian ethos for some aspect of that program.

I gratefully haven’t heard of the show for at least 20 years. Has the Gong Show reached the status of cliché in Canada? Is it still running up there?

Or is there a cultural difference between Canadians and Americans for what is considered inappropriate racial content?

Let's have a go, and I'll keep them positive.

Headline: Conservative MP claims "Ms. Oda runs her shop like a Samurai Delicatessen and the liberals are complaining because their programs are getting cut."

Is that racist?

Headline: Rabi Jewishguy feels vindicated by Oda's decision to defund KAIROS. He claims "Oda pulled the fortune from the right cookie."

Is that racist?

Here's an idea. Write an acceptable headline about an Asian politician using either rice or chopsticks as metaphor. (Derivatives count; Rice University, chopsticks for piano etc.)

...and suddenly T-Rex on the radio.

Balbulican said...

Squiggles - you either believe the "Gong Show" comparison was somehow linked to Ms. Oda's Japanese background, or you're being silly. If the former, you're not as bright as I've been giving you credit for. If the latter, the joke is long past its expiry date.

How 'bout we debate our host's latest finely wrought, intricately worked out hypothesis: that leftists are really bad?

Canadian Sentinel said...

Gong Show!!! LOL

One of my fave shows from back then!

And that Gene Gene The Dancing Machine... greatest dancer EVAH!


Now we know what Johnnie Cochrane was doing for $$ while in law school...

Canadian Sentinel said...

And here's what I dub "The Obama and Biden Show":

Balbulican said...

As you can see, Squiggles, the Gong Show as a cultural referent is deeply wired into our Canadian DNA.

CS, my fave was always the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Bongo. Had the hots for that cute accordion player.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Wow, who knew?!

Filing Gong Show with poutines, Robertson screw drivers, beaver tails, toques, The Beachcombers, CTM, ....

I know it’s not Canadian but you can have it.

Reluctantly I shall allow this edition of "Hate Speech Soap Box" to close. On behalf of Balbulican I'd like to thank our host CS and you, of course, farting crickets everywhere for your unintentional support.

Balbulican said...

And what do we have for the contestants, Chuck?

∞ ≠ ø said...

Would that be you and I or our meathead Government counterparts?

∞ ≠ ø said...

Never mind, I'll do both.
For Ms. Oda: The Spirit award for this response:
Dec. 9, 2010: "It's like we're on CSI or an investigative forensic thing — who's put the 'not' in. I'd like to know what your issue is. What is your issue!?" — Oda at committee.
For Mckay: The pot/kettle award for this circus:
February 19th ruling..."The Chair was limited in its ability to act on the full range of that review since much of the proceedings referred to in Members’ submissions were never officially placed in the hands of the house."
For you, Balbs.... The George W. Busch Award for "Strategery." Because crickets can't count.
And to moi: the coveted Nogong Prize in Anthropology for having successfully indentified The Gong Show as an integral driving component of Canadian something.
Oh… and lastly… the grand prize… loaded with irony and sarcasm is…. The Reap What You Sow Award goes to KAIROS for politicizing a charity so badly that even Canadians noticed!!!! Bravo!!! BRAVO!!!