Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Robert Ford.
Democrat Politician.
Sooo when will he face "hate speech" charges under Obama's "hate speech" law?

Look at who's the latest Democratic politician to say nasty things about Black folks and claim that they're lazier than illegal aliens from Mexico!


I call on Obama to condemn this racist and demand his resignation!

Oh, but he won't.

Why not?

Because Barry-O himself will (and does) throw his fellow Black folks under the bus for political convenience reasons just as easily!

So S.C. State Senator Robert Ford is just as much an Uncle-Tom puppet as is Barry-O!

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glacierman said...

It is OK when a Brother speaks this kind of talk, but that is only allowable because they have been oppressed in the past and know how it feels, therefore they are only speaking from the experiences of their forefathers.

It is not OK for Whitey to say such things because they have always been the oppressor.

This is the double standard by which the LSM (lame steam media) govern their lives and preach to us about how ours should be run.