Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Allen West, Channeling Reagan (?), Tells Off Islamic Bullshitter

"Put the mike down and go home".

That could be the new phrase to use against the spewers of Taqiyya.

Oh,. and Mr. West effectively showed Obama how to be cool.

Obama ain't cool.  Allen West is.

Hell, Allen West makes Bill Clinton look like Pee-Wee Herman as well as making Barry-O look like Urkel.


joe six-pack said...

It is nice to know that we have some sane people left. Thanks for posting this.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I bet Balbulican agrees with Mr. West. Unless he'd like to claim he's wrong?

Balbulican said...

Mr. West doesn't actually say very much that's interesting. Was there a particular statement you wanted me to comment on?